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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday. jept 9thth. we start with a weather alert. mother nature, including a twister touching down in new york city, leaving behind a mess. >> and president obama praising bill clinton for helping make his case at the dnc. >> after he spoke, somebody sent out a tweet, they said, you should appoint him secretary of explaining stuff. i like that. secretary of explaining stuff. >> but maybe the president
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shouldn't be laughing when he's blamed a misunderstanding for his policies failures in the past. we report, you decide. >> and a woman who is on dave briggs' ipod. >> yeah. >> may have more than seven things she hates about one fan. wait until he was heard caught snooping around. >> that was miley not me. >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us right and early. we have a packed show and we've had breaking news overnight. >> yeah, crazy weather ear in the northeast that ripped through parts of the mid atlantic yesterday. severe storms causing damages, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark, take a
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look at this. tornado touching down and you don't often see this, new york city, two touchdowns, a bizarre occurrence. >> a twister struck as you mentioned and also in brooklyn, how unusual. check out the upclose look, despite the warnings, residents shocked to see roofs ripped off homes and debris across neighborhood. no one was hurt. >> meanwhile, a number of states affected by the same system that rick reichmuth warned us about, 60 to 70 mile per hour winds through maryland and virginia were reported. at last check, one was said to be break line winds, hopefully rick it can explain that. >> one person was hurt and a jazz festival called off for the weather and capsized while the stage was broken down.
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>> today the cleanup process for many people. and tin pittsburgh. and rick, to the weather center. >> i like the weather center is just about 20 feet over here. >> a stone's throw. >> alisyn: it's magic. >> yes, we said there would be big, severe storms. there were, they're done, that's the good part. all of this is now pulling off shore and a little bit of rain in maine, and down towards parts of florida. but this is the the last 24 hours, they were extreme. and that breezy point. that little bit of land that sticks out in the atlantic and one moves over land and we called it a tornado later on in the afternoon, one towards the brooklyn area. and that was the ef-1 and the other was an ef-0. and a couple p of storms out there. a little more, we will have areas farther to the south. the thing that it's done is drop the temperatures down for
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everybody. yesterday in 70's or 80's across the areas of the east coast, it's much cooler and it's much drier, and yesterday was incredibly uncomfortable, sticky muggy day and that's changing and you're going to get a pumpkin spiced latte and it feels like fall suddenly. you see the rain pulling off shore and the front is pulling through and the residual through the lakes there. and there are thunderstorms and across parts of florida, we'll deal with that as they go to the south. and a storm this far south that's early in september, this fall-like system that we're dealing with. rain across florida and seattle, finally rain measurable since july 2nd. 49 days the streak of no rain and it will go just short of that. behind the storm, guys, just a beautiful day for almost everyone across the country
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looking at great conditions, but that will help us begin to clean up and the power back on from the storms. >> thanks so much for the update. let's get the rest of your headlines now. here is big, breaking news, an iranian pastor sentenced to death, refusing to renounce his christianity. he's finally been reunited with his family. accord to go a watch dog group his charges were evangelizing to muslims with a three year sentence. having already serving three years, he was released. and this included a house of representatives pass ago resolution earlier this year calling for his release. coming up in the next half an hour, we'll talk to an iranian expert, we will get the latest. dave tell us what hap sports. >> this is stunning stuff. everyone talking about this on
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saturday. doctors performing a tracheotomy on the football field to revive an injured player at least according to the side line reporter in the situation. tulane university safety devon walker suffered there as fractured spine, broken neck, and a collapsed lung as a result of this play. and walker collided head to head with a teammate and he was immediately attended to on the field before being taken to a hospital. he's in stable condition and will have surgery in the the next day or so, they said he lost consciousness although there are conflicting reports. a frightening ordeal in tulsa. >> so scary. another scary story for you. a man was arrested in l.a. after trying to break into miley cyrus' home went to the home claiming to be one of her friends and went on to say
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that she was his wife. and that's a tip-off. friend to wife. >> and he refuse today leave. found scissors in his pocket and huckly miley cyrus was not home at the time. and people called in after someone claimed a crank call claiming a home invasion. those are the headlines. >> thanks, let's turn to the week ahead in politics, 58 days out and looks like the biggest asset for the obama campaign is going to be a past president, bill clinton, set the campaign for obama in florida, tuesday in miami, wednesday in world. critics say how on earth in the fourth quarter are a bringing a past president in to win this game for you. the broncos last year with tim tebow coming in the fourth. you're the leader doesn't it have to be your policy. >> and the daily show ran a package with larry david, one
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of the things they were making fun of the obamacare policy and couldn't explain it. president obama passed obamacare which does... i don't know, it does a bunch things, i can't explain it. president obama has argued in the past when people are negative towards his policies they simply don't understand. take a listen. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right and that's important. but you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> all right. the critics of that said, no, it's actually the policies that we don't like, it's not
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that you haven't told the story right. however, there is a kernel of truth in there and it was never more large than when you saw bill clinton back at the podium, who tells the story. that guy knows how to spin a yarn. and he explains things to the american public in a way that president obama has never been able to. so, yesterday, president obama had this great revelation on the campaign trail where he basically said, yeah, that's right. >> yeah, sort of explained that. now what? he was asked what his thoughts on president bill clinton. he received a letter in the mail where-- >> i think it was a tweet. >> a tweet, look at the tweet and he even mentions that. he explained why he might want to put bill clinton in his cabinet in the future. take a listen. >> and then you've got president clinton who made the case as only he can-- and after he spoke, somebody sent out a tweet. they said, you should appoint
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him secretary of explaining stuff. i like that. secretary of explaining stuff. although, i have to admit it didn't say stuff, i cleaned that up a little bit. >> that's bill clinton genius-- >> is that something to laugh about? i ought to bring in clayton to explain. >> alisyn: what i'm trying to say. >> you do help in that capacity, but thankfully all of us can do that on our own. it's an uncomfortable joke i'm surprised he's okay with on the campaign trail. the bounce that most people are seeing post convention, 2, 3, 4, points even. almost every analyst and polster is accounting it to bill clinton's speech, not the president. >> and that's having him go to florida like he is, bill clinton going it florida to talk about medicare and the differences there it's a hard
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slog in florida, and stick with the current team. >> isn't that supposed to be obama's strength, being a brilliant orator? >> yes and no, because said he could deliver a speech. >> what charles krauthammer said after mitt romney's speech he'll never be known as the great connector. bill clinton can say stop a second, and just hear me. everyone is like what, what do you have to say, bill. >> another sort of remarkable moment, president obama was in florida at a bar. a sports bar called gator dock side and it was pointed out to him there was a little seven-year-old, six-year-old boy in the restaurant who was from hawaii. and the president used that to make a birther joke. let's listen.
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>> now, i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised. >> this isn't it. >> where both of us were born-- >> that's mitt romney. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> and you're from hawaii. >> you were born in hawaii? >> hawaii. >> okay, you have a birth certificate? (laughter) >> now, if you missed that, he said, where is your birth certificate, to the young kid born in hawaii. why we were talking about mitt romney's humor when he made a birther type joke in michigan, people blew it out of proportion, including the obama campaign. here is what romney then said. >> now, i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised. where both of us were born. ann was born at henry ford hospital. i was born at harper hospital. and no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate, they know that this is the place
3:13 am
where we were born and raised. >> alisyn: all right, so are birther jokes fair game or not? >> is that hypocritical to hammer romney for making a joke, but then do it yourself? maybe it's different because you're making fun of yourself, but they had -- they were trying to raise money off romney's little joke there. >> and immediately came out and called him the birther candidate. >> the far right, birther candidate, extreme and romney said time and time again, i believe he was born in america. >> alisyn: let us know what you think at >> a little lower. there you go. >> alisyn: find us on twitter. >> coming up, dnc chairwoman debby wasserman schultz, plaming a reporter being caught in a lie to the israeli ambassador to the united states. next we're talking to that reporter. >> alisyn: and soldiers around the world say that the taliban is turning to facebook to target the men and women fighting for our freedom. we'll explain how.
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[ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ clears throat ] yeah, that was a sneeze. i think i sprayed myself. [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic eraser. lets you pick the right size for every job. >> welcome back. dnc chairwoman debby wasserman schultz, the the ambassador to the united states called republicans quote, dangerous
3:17 am
to israel. >> i didn't say he said that, and unfortunately, that, that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper, not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me. >> dave: if that's true what would miss wasserman schultz make of this. >> we know and i've heard no less than-- say this, that what republicans are doing is dangerous, they're undermining israel's security. but the dnc chairwoman is refusing to take back her comments, instead blaming the reporter who released the tape. and phillip klein from the examiner, joins frus d.c., good to see you, sir. >> good morning. >> dave: what's the latest update? is she sticking to her original word. >> she tried to clarify what she said, but still claiming that i'm the--
3:18 am
the washington examiner is a right wing paper and so forth, so she's sticking to that. >> dave: why? i mean, she knows the proof is in the pudding. the tape is out there. why in your opinion is she stick to go that story? >> well, she feels that she meant to say something else, which i would have expected her to say, in the immediate aftermath when she was asked about it when i was kind of surprised when she immediately jumped to saying i deliberately misquoted her. >> dave: is there a pattern her or a one time mistake by the dnc chairman? >> well, i think it's pretty clear that you've seen a pattern of her, you know, playing with the truth. we saw that last week, not just with me, but also when there was a lot of disagreement among delegates, the democratic convention, over whether god and jerusalem
3:19 am
said there was no for it on the convention floor and so clearly it's part of a larger pattern for her. >> it was awkward trying to watch her wiggle out of that one. was there a lack of accountability elsewhere in the mainstream media not calling her to task and said on special report, more papers ap outlets ought to stand up for you and report this story, why aren't there? >> i mean, "the washington post" gave her four pinochios and political fact, pants on fire and hasn't been a lot on the widespread then. and others speculated if it was an r.n. c chairman attacking a reporter for the new york times, that it might have been a different story and it's important to talk
3:20 am
about not just what she did to me, but what the underlying things she was trying to do and basically, she was trying, she now says, to say that reporters were treating israel as a political football. yet, in the context of doing that, she was kicking the israeli ambassador, and basically distorting him and using him as a political bludgeon to attack republicans. so, i think it's sort of completely ironic and absurd she somehow accused republicans playing financial with israel and precisely what she's doing with that state. thank you for being up so earlier for us, appreciate it, thanks. >> thanks. >> alisyn: and coming up the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks just moments away. and among those ceremonies honoring the victims, the 9/11 heroes run this weekend,
3:21 am
including one iraq war vet who is going to join to us tell us about the great run next. >> clayton: apparently those annoying self-portrait aren't just for facebook users. turns out the mars rover is getting in on the trend, snapping a photo of himself. >> alisyn: he's so curious. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪
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>> 25,000 runners all over the world are expected to participate in the annual 9/11 heroes run. this event is organized by the travis foundation in honor of first lieutenant travis mannion, a marine killed in iraq in 2007 after saving the lives of many on his patrol. our next guest knew him well, iraq war veteran joins me now. good morning, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: and how about did the run start. >> it started in 2008
3:25 am
doylestown, pennsylvania. over 50 cities worldwide and most in the united states and a pay tribute to those we lost during 9/11 and since. so, started as a few hundred people in doylestown and now we're expecting over 25,000 runners, 50,000 spectators and over 2000 volunteers. >> alisyn: what an accomplish: and it's named after travis, fellow soldier and-- >> fellow marine. and i went to basic school with travis in 2004, and got to know his family very well and just, just a great marine and a guy that, you know -- that i always respected and his words of, you know, if not me, who, struck is chord with me and just-- >> and we know that he was shot by an enemy sniper after
3:26 am
saving the lives of fellow marines. >> he was on patrol with iraqi security forces as well and saved not only u.s. marines, but our iraqi counterparts and you know, just, just as any marine would and fell back on his training and you know, just did some heroic stuff. >> alisyn: you're leaving right from here. >> i am. >> alisyn: to run. >> i am. >> alisyn: you're up for this? >> it's just a 5 k, nothing bad. >> alisyn: says you, i would pass out and keel over, but you look ready for it. how do people get involved. >> 9/11, we had some runs across the country and the one in new york at randa randall's island and plenty of time to participate. should ab good turnout. >> alisyn: and people are doing it all over the world, even in afghanistan today. >> right. >> alisyn: go to
3:27 am i'll tweet that out. thanks for coming out. >> appreciate it. >> alisyn: and he faced execution for refusing to give up his christian faith, but iran suddenly having a change of heart and freeing this pastor. we have the breaking news on this and a closer look ahead. a warning for soldiers around the world. new reports the taliban is turning to facebook to target the men and women fighting for our freedom. ♪ [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft,
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>> welcome back, extreme weather ripping through the northeast and the mid atlantic. you're looking at a funnel cloud that ripped through breezy point, new york. and look at that, up in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. catching mild storm video on home video yesterday. and another tornado reportedly
3:31 am
touched down in brooklyn. and the system causing serious damage to a number of years, trees falling down on homes, cars in washington d.c. and virginia and luckily, no far, there are no reports of any serious injuries. >> the storm also forcing people to take shelter at new jersey's met life stadium. >> i was there taking shelter in a fancy box, and where there were nachos, and people had to leave their seats in the hallways and the storm delayed the second half the usc football game a half hour. i thought it was a particularly long half time. and for more on the wild weather, here is rick. >> dave: test her. >> alisyn: usc, make it hard harder. >> rick: the score. >> alisyn: no, i don't know the stores. >> rick: dave, nice. and some of it severe, we're talking about the tornados in the new york city area, ef-0,
3:32 am
70 miles per hour and ef-1 at winds 110. no significant damage with either of those, that's the good news and the storm has gone out of here for the most part now. a little bit of leftover rain in towards areas of mairn and the southern end of the front diving down through parts of florida, but the difference, it feels incredibly different out thereafter that, through kind of the first real fall-like cold front that went through and when you wake up and go outside this morning, anywhere across the eastern seaboard, atlanta 61. the humidity is no low, it's going to feel like the first hint of fall out there. the big shift in the mindset of people and look at this, clear behind this. no problems, no severe weather and maybe thunder across central florida, but that sags to the south. that's fine. out across the west, really the only significant action we're going to have in the next three to four days is out across parts of the four corners and see some of that
3:33 am
monsoonal activity and a little light rain toward the seattle area later tonight. that's notable. you haven't had rain since july 22nd in seattle. your temps have been so warm. here is where we're going be to be, all the cool temps, the eastern seaboard and as far south as new orleans, and a drier 82 in new orleans and much more comfortable. and in seattle, tomorrow, continues to pull into the northeast, and warm across the high plains and denver 92. >> alisyn: thanks, the rest of your news, overnight a wave of attacks killing dozens of people in iraq and this bombing in northern iraq, kills seven police recruits as they waited in line to apply for jobs. another attack on a military base near baghdad killed at least ten iraqi soldiers, nobody has claimed responsibility for the violence. the school district have only a few hours to reach a deal, if not, they go on strike some
3:34 am
29,000 teachers have threatened to walk off the job. raises and teachers evaluations, the teachers strike, it was the biggest u.s. labor strike in more than a year. and beware the attractive stranger who wants to be your friend on facebook, clayton. an australian government review-- >> you defriended me. >> found the taliban is creating fake profiles to try to dupe aussie soldiers online and the the privacy settings is leaving soldiers vulnerable and 1500 defense members have no idea about the risk and more than half of the staff has no social media training. no word whether u.s. soldiers are also being targeted by the taliban online. >> all right. alisyn, let's go to mars. say hello to the curiosity mars spacecraft spun one of its cameras around and took its first profile picture on
3:35 am
the surface of the red planet. if curiosity takes a-- >> it is handsome. >> doesn't it look like short circuit. >> dave: number five. nice call. >> clayton: number five. >> dave: let's talk sports and bear with me, listen, okay. >> alisyn: we're all ears. >> dave: imagine for a moment if a high profile senate candidate paid a school board member to run against him or her in the primary just to get ready for the general election, and then they lost to that school board member. that's essentially what clayton alma mater, pitt did. >> clayton: thank you. >> dave: and that's what my alma mater, colorado did. forked over north of $400,000 each to two fcf schools, youngstown state and sacramento state, only to lose. >> alisyn: got it. >> dave: they're off the hook though. >> clayton: kind of like rocky. >> dave: because of what happened to arkansas.
3:36 am
little known louisiana monroe did some upsetting of their own. arkansas, number eight in the country, had a 28 point lead when the small school responded big time with just 47 seconds left in the game. louisiana tied it up on the touchdown pass. arkansas kicked a field goal in overtime, it wouldn't be enough. on 4th down, quarterback browning scrambled there, 16 yards to pay dirt and 34-31 the upset and browning had 481 yards, all purpose in the game. other upsets. ranked teams oklahoma state, nebraska and wisconsin losing to unranked opponents, so we're not alone, clayton. >> alisyn: misery loves company. >> clayton: it was sad when rudy made fun of my pitt panthers. >> dave: and raging on when steven straberg, would hit his innings limit.
3:37 am
would they shut him down at some point. the answer was yes, earlier than we thought the ace is not happy about it from what we understand. the manager davy johnson made the call yesterday that ends stras birg's sensational season and coming back from tommy john's surgery, 15-6, 3.16 era and struck out 197. and the the decision after a shaky start against the marlins on friday, saw him just three innings. he isway not too happy. he had one more start wednesday against the mets. and a grueling win in nascar for clint boyer, like a rain delay like what ali went through. he would spin out of a turn and pit for new tires and the setback wouldn't phase him. he hung on for the checkered flag. and jeff gordon in second, securing a spot the in the
3:38 am
sprint cup. and success with the sports gear and-- >> thanks for the analogy. >> dave: did you get it. >> alisyn: i got it. >> right here. >> clayton: thanks, guys. all right, a christian pastor facing execution in iran for refusing to recant his statement. finally has been set free after three years behind bars. >> we've been following it. >> alisyn: we sure have. and joining us now is lisa. >> good morning. >> alisyn: lisa, you have been at the forefront of keeping this issue on all of our minds, of keeping it in the attention of the media and you must feel tremendous, i guess, relief and vindication today with this news? >> yeah, definitely. we're all feeling this is something to be celebrated. and you know, but at the same time it's upsetting that he had to be imprisoned for choosing a faith in the first place. and also there are so many
3:39 am
others that are like him imprisoned for their faith. for their vocation, imprisoned because they're marginalized in iran and that's what we try to do is not only bring the stories to the media and to free, in a case like this, have a victory such as this, but also to expose the entire system and what's actually going on for the bigger picture. >> we should give a background for our viewers if they're just waking up. the gentleman you're looking at on your screen, back in 2009. he was arrested avapro testing. iranian's government decision to force all children, including his christian children to read from the koran, he was in prison for three years. what changed? why is he out now? >> all right. so we've been talking about how, you know, cases like this and individuals like this are pawns and used by the islamic republic. when he was kept. it was used as an example, telling people not to convert to christianity, not to attend
3:40 am
their background in islam, it's a big trend growing in the middle east, particularly in iran where people feel that christianity is a haven to go to and turn to and that was an example he was made of. others thought he might be executed to retaliate against the west for sanctions and christy being a symbol of the west and now that he's released we're looking at a pr move by the islamic rerepublican. just on friday. diplomate ties were cut with the canadians and their g ahead we will have president ahmadnejad in new york city and hanging around midtown manhattan for the u.n. general assembly that he comes to every year, so,again, he's not going to make bad with the international community at a moment like this and this case was highly publicized, it was in the international spotlight for three years. and he was one of the lucky ones, as we say, because his case was adopted by so many watch dog groups and so many
3:41 am
individuals and there are so many individuals like him, as we said, that don't have this luck. >> dave: social networking played an interesting role. nearly 3 million on twitter for the tweet campaign. thank you for reporting. >> my pleasure. >> clayton: coming up on the show, a bombshell in the o.j. simpson murder trial, not going to believe this. an exprosecutor now saying the glove did fit. we're talking to one forensic expert who testified at the trial about the new allegations that that glove was tampered with, during a lunch break. . >> alisyn: and obamacare was supposed to make sure that everyone had access to affordable health care. a new report that says our health care system is
3:42 am
comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> welcome back, everybody, we're waiting on some music that just never came. >> alisyn: that would have been great. ♪ there it is. i hear it. it it's-- if you hear this, this sound bite from vice-president biden, it will all make sense, i'm sure. ♪ >> they talked about if you've been dropped down from
3:45 am
mars, you'd been in a time can sul the last hundred years a dropped down from mars to the convention and heard them talk about medicare. really, you think they really care about it, you'd think it's something they thought of. you'd be surprised to learn they've always trying... the last 40 years. >> alisyn: and like mars and-- dr. mark siegel is here, what are we talking about? the vice-president making a joke there with health care, not a laughing matter. obamacare was suppose today make sure that everyone has access to affordable quality health care and a new report says the u.s. health care system is wasting 750 billion dollars a year. >> alisyn: so, dr. mark siegel is here to explain this. great to see you, so, they released this report, but is this connected to obamacare?
3:46 am
it wasn't obamacare supposed to help cut out some of the wasteful spending in medicine? >> theoretically, alisyn, here is where i come in on this. 750 billion dollars a year, according to the institute of medicine per year is wasted on duplication, on unnecessary services, on high prices, uneven prices, on new technology that's coming in, complex solutions that we're very excited about that haven't been integrated into the system. i have a question. can you add 32 million more patients to that system without make it go more efficient first? no, you can't. and if you are going to try it make it more efficient, who do you trust to do that, the government. the most inefficient system in the world or private solutions where, you know, the companies will say, and i'm talking hospitals now, cleveland clinic, mayo clinic, my own medical center. medical centers are saying what can we do to have more teamwork and computerize and make prices more uniform, what can we do to decrease complexity, private solutions
3:47 am
which is not what obamacare is favoring. >> would their defense be that most of the central pillars of obamacare have yet to really take hold, so maybe to have the things that would prevent waste, would prevent fraud and would prevent overlap? >> they are going to say that, that's a great point. here is my problem with that. when you start to regulate from on high. the sensitivity of the system suffers. one solution is not better than another. one treatment is not better than another. one test is not better than another, you can't tell from washington if there's a uniformity, it's a hospital by hospital basis. >> the study found that part of the 750,000 wasted is because of areas of unnecessary services and you address this. does this mean too much testing on patients? is that what that refers to, unnecessary services? >> i think there is too much testing on patients, one of the reasons we don't have tort reform which should have been part of any health reform.
3:48 am
tort reform isn't just 50 billion dollars a year, spent defensively, it's a culture of practicing medicine, you don't know what's going to happen and you don't want to miss something, even if there's a less than 1% chance, it's an issue because you're afraid you could get sued. without tort reform there's a lot of waste in the system and there's fraud in the system as well. that the health reform is not getting out. >> clayton: so forward, how can we cut waste? what are your recommendations. you need more teamwork, need a systems approach. you need a patient centered approach. that's key. what does your patient want? what does your patient advocate want. and the solutions they actually want. i want uniform prices, too, david. i've written about that in op-eds. why should one insurance company be paying $3,000 for a cat scan, but if you called up the hospital. would you pay $800. >> you've got one hospital paying 5 grand for a proceed and one across the street is charging half that, that's just not the insurance
3:49 am
companies, that's the hospitals and doctors. >> that's inflated prices, and it's crazy. and the administrative costs go down, the more you work as a team. i love the team approach. more and more with nurses, nurse practitioners, again, works very well at medical centers and we need it across the board. >> we're seeing more and more of that. do you have any optimism today that some of the 750 billion dollars of waste can be cut out of this, of our health care system coming up? >> do i have some optimism, but i have a word of caution here. our insurance is too easy to overuse and that's again the obamacare problem. if you flood the system with patients that come in even when they're not sick. it really gums up the works and i have some confidence that there's going to be more efficiency and again, private solutions, what's the way to go. >> dr. mark siegel. great info. >> great to see you guys. >> up next on the rundown, exprosecutor in the o.j. simpson murder trial making a shocking allegation saying that the defense tampered with that infamous glove.
3:50 am
we take a closer look at the merits of this bombshell claim. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usp. an independent organization that sets strict
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3:53 am
>> welcome back, well, it's considered a, the o.j. simpson murder trial that eventually led to his acquittal. now, an ex-prosecutor releasing a bombshell about the famous glove that did not fit. during an interview, christopher darden said, quote, i think johnnie, referring to johnnie cochran tore the lining. there were some additional tears in the lining so at that oj's fingers couldn't go all the way up the glove. joining us now is forensic pathologist dr. michael bodden and testified before the infamous glove courtroom moment and doctor, were you sitting in the front row while that whole thing was
3:54 am
unfolding. >> yes. >> clayton: do you agree with the prosecutor's statement or disagree. >> i think it's an outrageous slander against somebody who is deceased and can't respond. the prosecutors introduced the glove and wanted to show the fit on o.j. simpson and the prosecut prosecutor, the defense attorneys and the judge had arranged a certain protocol to do this which included putting gloves, surgical thin gloves on oj's hand so when he inserted his hands he couldn't in any way contaminate or disturb what the inner glove was. and this was just, there's he no forensic evidence at all as to what darden claims. and i think it's outrageous to bring it up 18 years later when it just didn't happen. >> clayton: he said in a follow-up interview on friday after this, 'cause this caused a firestorm. he had this to say.
3:55 am
he said a bailiff told me that the defense had it during the lunch hour. it's been my suspicion for a long time that the lining had been manipulated. so that the defense team would have a piece of evidence during lunch while they're sitting there eating tacos or something? seems absurd to me. >> the gloves as all evidence was maintained by the prosecutor until court time and then maintained by the court. the defense never had the ability to hold on to any of the evidence and when o.j. simpson put his hand in, it wasn't that he couldn't get his fingers through, it was that it didn't fit, and the fit, so had nothing to do with the lining. >> what darden is arguing that the lining was somehow cut and if it's cut maybe make it easier to slide your hand into the glove? >> especially with the surgical gloves on, it would thin it out, yeah, and be more space in there. but this was not that he couldn't get his fingers
3:56 am
through, he couldn't get his hand, the hand didn't fit. now, this may be reasons for, maybe not his glove as the defense said or claims that maybe in the year intervening, it had been in refrigerator and blood on it that dried up and it might have shrunk and that was an issue that was brought up. but, nobody brought up an issue that johnnie cochran or anybody on the defense had tampered with as if the bailiff said that, he should have told that to the judge. >> clayton: you're a genius on this, high profile trials. when you look back at 17 years o.j. simpson trial forensic evidence and source of things and so that we don't have contamination. >> it was the first trial carried widely by television and the first trial that focused the country on forensic evidence.
3:57 am
dna has just came into the public mind through the o.j. simpson trial and i think csi and all of these other programs grew from the fact that the public was interested in forensic evidence and it was all because of the o.j. simpson trial and remember, at that time, i think it was only court tv that had it. >> right. >> that carried trials and now it's done much more commonly. so, i think it was a bombshell as far as media and the courtroom and the recognition by the public that forensic evidence is important. >> clayton: dr. michael bodden, great this morning and perspective from the the front row. and 300,000 americans stopped looking for work last month. we're going to find it? >> welcome aboard. [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you'll know when to stop.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, september 9th. i'm alisyn camerota and we begin with a severe weather alert. double trouble as severe storm spawn winds and rain and even a tornado in new york city and that's rare, so, now what you expect? >> and be careful what you wish for, vice-president joe biden. he dared people to fact check his convention speech. >> what they're proposing and this is a fact, say to the press, fact check me. and this morning, we're doing just that. taking biden up on the offer. >> plus, did the f.a.a. break the law telling employees how to vote in the upcoming
4:01 am
presidential election. officials accused of threatening workers with what a g.o.p. victory would mean for them. "fox & friends," hour two starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, it was really stormy here in new york city last night. the football game-- >> in the area, and giants stadium. >> usc was playing syracuse, the entire place was evacuated. and i thought the half time was going on a long time and i looked up, and the entire stadium was evacuated. >> and usc played in sunny, and 80 degrees, and syracuse in a dome and neither team was prepared for what they ran into playing away from home. >> clayton: so the storms that tore through the northeast and the mid atlantic yesterday leaving quite a bit of power
4:02 am
outages across the area. hundreds of thaws of people this morning are dealing with that and serious damage in the wake of trees down. you're looking at a tornado that did touch down in new york city. and that wasn't all. two tornados touched down, through the bizarre occurrence in that area. >> alisyn: twisters struck brooklyn and breezy point, new york. ripping off pieces of building and throwing debris everywhere and luckily, we had a report that no one was hurt. >> dave: meanwhile, a number of states also affected by the same storm system. 60 to 70 miles per hour wind whipped through funnel clouds in virginia and maryland, but at last check, one was said to be straightline winds only. in northern virginia, one person was hurt after a stage collapsed under pounding rain. a jazz festival had been called off for the weather and capsized while the stage was being broken down. >> today the cleanup process continues for many people in pittsburgh where you're looking at right now. also cleaning up after the
4:03 am
wind brought town trees as you can see. for more on all of these storms, rick reichmuth can fill us in. >> clayton: what are straight line winds. >> rick: a front moving through and winds going in a straight fashion. behind a lot of the storms here, winds are going in a straight line and that knocks over power lines, and knocks over, over trees, on to houses and can cause a lot of damage and fatalities like we saw in oklahoma the night before last where we had the three fatalities there. first, a tornado and that swirling winds and that's the only difference here. but the effect can be absolutely the same and that's what we saw with all of the power outages yesterday and all of the storms that caused a lot of of damage and most of the images you're seeing with trees down were caused by straight line winds. >> with you two reports of tornados in new york city, out in queens, one in queens and one in brooklyn. one a funnel cloud that had been a tornado over water. moving over land and the other one in the brooklyn area. a little bit after stronger storm as well. these storms moved through.
4:04 am
they're gone at this point. there's a little bit of rain still across areas of maine, behind it absolutely beautiful conditions, almost the entire country today will be rain-free and very dry. so the humidity absolutely gone. guys, let me just quickly tell you about tropical storm leslie, we've been following it for days and days again, close to 170 miles to the southeast of bermuda and the tropical storm force winds, winds around 40 miles per hour around bermuda and a few rain showers will go through the bands. but it's pulling up towards the northeast and the next check, new foundland, maybe the category, two, two and a half days from now. the rest of your headlines if you're just waking up. despite being declared a terrorist organization by the obama admini haqqani network says an american captive will not being heartland. the only current u.s. prisoner of war captured back in 2009.
4:05 am
reportedly held by a different branch of the taliban. doctors had to perform a tracheotomy on the football field to revive an injured player. dave, can you tell us what happened here? >> what a frightening situation. the tulane safety walker, suffered a fractured spine, collapsed lung, collided head to head with a teammate trying to get a tulsa player. ways take ton a nearby hospital. walker in stable condition. will have surgery in the next day or so, we are praying for him. >> alisyn: sure. meanwhile, a big surprise for one california teenager whose father had been serving in afghanistan. >> oh. [applause] >> that's army specialist who showed up at his 13-year-old daughter's during gym class. an emotional reunion for them. they've not seen each other in
4:06 am
more than two years. >> i just thought, oh, maybe somebody else's dad or uncle or cousin or brother, and moved up closer, my gosh, that's him. >> i haven't seen her in two and a half years and now, she's grown. it's amazing. i don't know what to say. >> alisyn: not seeing your daughter for two and a half years, oh, my goodness. and he'll be home for several days before heading back to meet up with his unit in new york. those are your headlines at this hour. >> all right, it's no secret the u.s. job market is in bad shape and the friday's jobs report confirm that americans are indeed struggling to get full-time jobs. >> clayton: peter doocy with more. >> reporter: in a press briefing yesterday white house officials said they know most people aren't sitting the at home clicking refresh on the bureau of labor statistics website. and the white house says people are worried about their
4:07 am
own practical problems, including employment, but not limited to employment. and as big rallies in florida, the president never used the word unemployment. but he did layout what he thinks democrats can do to jump start the economy. >> and bring more good jobs, will generate more energy, and hire for teachers. >> clayton: we'll send more people to college, and we will take care of vet residence and open the door of opportunity to everybody that is willing to open the door and walk through. >> reporter: more than 8 million americans are not unemployed, but they aren't working full-time. according to the new york post which explains that if the labor force today was at the same level as it was four years ago, then the unemployment rate would be even higher, at 11.2%, but it went down this month because almost 400,000 folks just stopped looking for work in august.
4:08 am
mitt romney said yesterday, that all adds up to a lack of leadership at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> now with the unemployment level having stuck above 8% for 43 straight months, we remember that the president promised na if we let him borrow almost a trillion dollars he'd never let-- it's been above 8% ever since. this president has not fulfilled his promises. >> reporter: mitt romney will be in massachusetts today, keeping quiet, but the president will stay out on the campaign trail in florida with events in melbourne and west palm beach. back to you in new york. >> thanks so much, peter. well, a fact checking these days has become a cottage industry. >> dave: you want a job. >> clayton: and fact and political fact. and they're looking whether or not bout campaigns are spinning numbers and statistics. it all started-- well it didn't all start, but
4:09 am
president obama was criticizing the romney campaign for the misrepresentation of that welfare ad that had been running and there was a senior romney advisor who said, look, fact checkers are not going to run our campaign. well, then joe biden yesterday at a rally took a similar tactic, trying to take the higher road, i don't know. you want to fact check me, go ahead. check. >> what they're proposing and this is a fact, i say to the press, fact check me. by the way, by the way, it's amazing how they don't like to be fact checked. we're not going to be bound by those fact checks. >> alisyn: the last time a candidate dared that, gary hart, you saw how that ended. and telling the press, come on, do it, bring it on, and "the washington post" and they
4:10 am
tact checked his speech. the first thing he claimed about the number of jobs created. let's listen. >> america has turned the corner. the worst job loss since the great depression, we've since created 4.5 million private sector jobs in the past 25-- 29 months. >> clayton: we've heard that number. 4.5 million so according to the associated press and others, point out, say it's misleading because it counts from the lowest point to where the employment began to grow again. excluding jobs lost earlier in obama's term. >> and basically, yes, 4.5 million jobs were created, but didn't talk about the jobs that were lost, which were 7.5. >> dave: you have to start them at the same point. the job losses and jobs gains start at the same point i think is what you're-- >> exactly. >> dave: that would make sense. number two, joe biden talking about raising taxes, on the middle class. listen. >> governor romney's believes
4:11 am
it's okay to raise taxes on the middle class by $2,000, in order to pay for literally another trillion dollar tax cut for the very wealthy. >> fact check pointed out that that was false. in fact, mitt romney had mitt romney promised to lower middle class taxes. >> clayton: there you go. >> dave: i believe that one is disputed. >> clayton: that's the point. >> alisyn: and ultimate have i to-- >> i know haven't confirmed that fact and i know there are-- >> why is it so difficult. >> dave: jump the shark. fact checking and fact checked the paul ryan's marathon time, i thought i'm good. >> clayton: to be fair his brother fact checked him on that one. number three on the list. take a listen to the vice-president at the convention. >> what they didn't tell you is that the plan they have he' already put down on paper would immediately cut benefits for more than 30 million seniors already on medicare, what they didn't tell you -- what they didn't tell you is
4:12 am
the plan they're proposing would cause medicare to go bankrupt by 2016. >> clayton: so fact check pointed out that medicare's chief actuary says substantially improves the system's finances and that paul ryan embraced the very same savings in the plan. >> dave: both plans have medicare going bankrupt, but paul ryan says it's true by every major media outlet. his plan does not make any changes for existing medicare beneficiaries. it only affects you if you are 54 or younger, if you're 55 or older, zero, zero changes. >> alisyn: all right. we will continue you to bring you what the fact checkers say throughout the problems in terms of who has-- >> and democrats claiming mitt romney killed jobs while tenure at bain. and he's one of the companies
4:13 am
that was rescued and success. we'll hear from him next. >> alisyn: and president obama promises electric cars on the road by 2015. and turns out he's a few years short. ♪ [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but bounty basic can handle them. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life. bring it with affordably priced bounty basic. take the steps to reach yours, everyowith usgoals. with real advice, for real goals.
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4:16 am
>> democrats use the dnc in part to bring back the bain attack and portray mitt romney as a job killer. >> i don't think mitt romney is a bad man. i don't fault him for the fact that some companies win and some companies lose. that's a fact of life. what i fault him for is making money without a moral compass. i fault him for putting profit before people like me. >> romney and his partners shut our plant down and ultimate youly drove our company into bankruptcy. >> mitt romney did though help make this next guest's company a huge success, tom is the founder and former ceo of staples, a company that now employs more than 90,000 people. good morning, tom. >> good morning, >> so you worked with mitt
4:17 am
romney and we'd like to hear some adjectives that you believe about him. do you, you were one of the previous seekers who say he lacked a moral compass. what did you think of his personality? >> well, this is the most moral, straight forward human being you could ever work with which is why virtually everyone who has worked with him wants to work with him again and again and again. and it's interesting, the democrats don't want to talk about facts. they don't want to talk about 23 million unemployed or underemployed americans. they don't want to talk about trillion dollar deficits. they don't want to talk about the fact that our credit rating has been downgraded. they want to talk about fiction and when it comes to mitt romney's record, and just as an aside, gsa's steel. one of the companies cited in that bit by the democrats, the fact is that company would have gone bankrupt ten years earlier had not bain capital
4:18 am
saved it. again, they don't let facts get in the way. >> we heard he is the consummate professional. what is his bedside manner like, is he authortative in meetings kinds in meetings? what's he like? >> first of all, he's going to ask you all the tough questions and he was my lead director for many years and believe me, you never went to a meeting when you weren't prepared. he wants you to think through every single option and choosing amongst livable outcomes to great outcomes and not disasters, not the kind of disasters that we have as a country and frankly keeps throwing more and more money we don't have, to solve problems and he would not go out, like the president did, and make an empty promise, you know, i'm going to take the money we've saved on the war, and redeploy it to build infrastructure and create jobs. the factor of the matter is we don't have the money we spent in the wars, we borrowed it. the only way to do what the president wants to do is to borrow even more and create
4:19 am
even a further dead load for our children and that's just wrong. >> speaking of money, tom, i like the example that you gave of how mitt romney knows how to pinch a penny, what did he do with office supplies? >> well, you know, it pitched the idea for staples, the first office superstar to a bunch of very much capitalists, and many laughed about the notion of saving money on paper clips and legal pads. mitt romney was the cheapest son of a gun, when he heard about saving a few bucks, he was as much interested as an investor. >> alisyn: he's the cheapest son after gun that you know. tom, you're the former staples ceo and you have a firsthand account of working with mitt romney and thank you for sharing that with us. >> a pleasure. >> alisyn: the democrats tried to take god and jerusalem out of their party's convention platform. obama strategist david axelrod took questions about it, but now has a different way of
4:20 am
answering. plus, he's an eight-time nba all-star, dwyane wade says there's something that he puts before basketball. the miami heat guard against personal with us. coming up. ♪ baby you're a firework, come on ♪ who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined.
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4:23 am
>> there's almost no end to the list of accomplishments, an eight time nba all-star, a two time nba champ and olympic gold medallist, to dwayne his most important role is a father to his two sons and written about that experience entitled 0 father first, how my life became bigger than basketball", joining us on the curvy couch. won the nba all-star and
4:24 am
writes about the goals. you write with painful moments and write about a police raid while at your home when you're a young man and you're hiding the bed and the police pull you out, hold a gun to your head and tell you to go find your mom and this was a drug raid and your mom had a drug problem. why write about such deeply personal, horrific moments you went through? >> i guess i just, now, i felt that, you know, i ten years i've been in the nba, i'm 30 now and felt like everything i go through in life that i've gone through for a reason and i go through for a reason and i just, i know there's kids out there that deal with similar situations and adults that deal with similar situations and i just want today share that and let them know that through all this, all that, you can still be successful and do and be the person you want to be and just sharing my personal experiences what i tried to do. >> dave: the title of the wok happened were you at a marketing meeting with execs and wanted everybody to say
4:25 am
something about. i'm a father first and everything after that. being someone with a nba superstar and endorsements all over the world. >> a lot of players don't get attention on it and the players who do, it gets no attention. you're supposed to be a father, and not necessarily ask to be celebrated for. certain people have to go through things like i had in my book and so i, i know, you know, it's a brotherhood and i know a lot of guys are great fathers, unbelievable fathers and sheds light on the great fathers. >> becoming a father you had to go through a brutal custody battle with your now ex-wife, one in which she painted you as an abusive husband, as an abusive father and you were even investigated by child services three times, three a number so essential to your life and important to you. was that the personal low he for you? and did that define what kind of father you wanted to be, at
4:26 am
the moment you said i need sole custody and need to put them first. >> it was a pallet of things over the year, saying i want to see my kids. it was a point i wasn't seeing them, wasn't able to talk to them and it kills something inside of me. even though i am a playing in the nba and everybody thinks it's going well. a lot of things off the court. but at the end of the day if i don't have what matters to me, something inside dies. i couldn't take it anymore, i didn't think it was all of this was good for them and i wanted to put them in an environment where, you know, they can have everything they need and want, but also, an environment where, you know, i felt i could facilitate a relationship and really be the co-parent with their mother. >> dave: throughout the book, it's clear that you were the consummate underdog and now, people don't see you that way. and in fact, quoting an article, one of many such articles on the internet about the miami heat as they're
4:27 am
composed today. you're part of -- you join an exclusive sporting clubs, the most hated teams in the america, only second to the new york yankees. >> well. >> dave: how does that shoe fit for someone who has been an underdog all your life. >> that's a great honor, the yankees-- >> you enjoy being hated? >> being hated is as well as loved. >> dave: you're on the esquire best tressed list in the planet several years, why the pink pants. >> fashion statement. >> dave: do you own up to the pink pants? did you rock them, could i pull them off. >> i think anybody confident enough can pull them off. pink pants, and white shirt, no tie. navy blazer. >> dave: i'm going to do that. and your book, i'm a father first, and a great example for fathers out there. thank you. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> clayton: i like that, giving dave fashion advice and can you do something about dave's socks? >> we have to show them during the show. >> dave: hey.
4:28 am
>> clayton: see if we can get somebody to help with you that. coming up did the f.a.a. break the law by telling employees how to vote in the upcoming election. and what a g.o.p. victory would mean for them. and congressman john micah is going to weigh in on that. >> clayton: going shopping and walk away with cash filling your pocket. we'll show you the items you should never pay full price for and clayton is going to show you how to haggle. ♪ those little things still get you. for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for ily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> aouncer: meet tom, a proud dad whose online friends all "like" the photos he's posting. oscar likes tom's photos, but he loves the access to tom's personal information. oscar's an identity thief who used tom's personal fo to buy new teeth and a new car, and stuck tom with the $57,000 bill. [tires squeal] now meet carl who works from the coffee shop and uses the free
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4:32 am
platform portion. >> dave: snafu. >> clayton: and major snafu, god and jerusalem. >> dave: and that was the snafu before it. >> alisyn: exactly, a terribly awkward moment and it continues to reverberate. david axelrod was just saying, was sitting down for an interview with a local reporter here at wnyc radio here in new york and he was asked about that awkward moment and here is what the reporter says. there was one subject axelrod did not want to go on tape about, the omission of god and reference to jerusalem as israel's capital for the party platform. he goes on to say that he said it was-- confirmed as soon as the president learned about the omission, that he told party
4:33 am
officials about t. and going on record about it than the reporter, you at least own this. the problem for david axelrod, the president himself signed off on the changes to remove god and jerusalem from the platform. so, did he not know about such impactful omissions from their platform before he signed off on it. it's hard to believe that were the case. >> clayton: although as john boehner says, no one reads these. >> dave: i don't care about the platform, i golf certain, the way i govern. >> alisyn: governor huckabee says he's helped to craft these, but-- if removed, but candidates may not know what they're doing at that level. >> clayton: but mitt romney on the campaign trail, going forward with the the message and the attacks, saying he's not taking god out of his party platform.
4:34 am
the pledge says undergod, i will the not take god out of the name of our platform. i will not take god off our coins and i will not take god out of my heart. we're a nation-- by god. >> clayton: of course, pat robertson some. did you see him. >> dave: no. >> clayton: right over his shoulder there. i'm not making that up. >> alisyn: there's a punchline coming. >> clayton: no, kind of looked at him, i mentioned god, do you like that, pat? right over there over his shoulder. >> alisyn: i bet he did. and the headlines, what else is happening, a lot to report. is house minority leader nancy pelosi ready to retire or stay on as the democratic leader after the election. the 72-year-old is keeping everyone guessing. at last week's national convention, she kept rigorous meetings and speaking of gaugement and 62 fund raising events raising 6.8 million dollars. she could rake it in. pelosi will only say her soul
4:35 am
focus now is helping her party win back control of the house. well, cancer treatments will finally be covered for hundreds of 9/11 first responders and greenspan resident. the new york post reporting the federal government expected to add 50 types of cancers to the list of illnesses covered by the victim's compensation fund. they're reportedly new evidence linking dust from ground zero to these cancers. and women facing conviction for setting up security cameras at the bronx housing complex. when he they denied requests to install cameras in the lobby, she took it upon herself to try to keep her family safe. despite an eviction warning from the housing authority. the mother of two plans to keep the cameras up. but those are your headlines and let's go over to clayton. >> clayton: a marvellous haggler, if you hate paying full price for things, some
4:36 am
things you should never pay ticket price for. a consumer spending experts and a wealth manager, is here to talk about it with us this morning. >> nice to see you. >> one of the first things you say, buy used to save big and you liken this to maybe using your ira the way we invest. >> if you buy say like a car or washer and dryer, if you pay cash, get a discount on that, take that and put in an ira. five years, 7%. >> clayton: 7% is remarkable. and i've heard if do you it like 21 or 22 you're golden. >> exactly, some pee start when they're 20 and when they're 50 they've got the money. >> clayton: a lot of out of work college kids, i don't know if they're able to do that at the moment. and items laid out well, what items you should always buy used. and you start with baby gear, i can attest to this.
4:37 am
a smart move because they'ne wi month? >> i think my son was born bigger than this right here. so if you buy basically out of the university of michigan did an average study, $150 to $200 a month on baby gear. so if you buy in resale stores, once upon a child. 75% and they grow out of them anyway. >> clayton: what kind of gear, because i'm thinking if the kid and teething on a toy, is that okay? >> clothes are fine, toys if your sterilize them. stay away from the whole cribs and maybe the car seats because of the recall and also, you don't know who's been using them before. be careful. >> no, i would never want anyone to have my son's car seat. it's like a biohazard. >> i'm right there with you. >> gold fish thrown everywhere. and you talk about some tools, right? >> tools and jewelry. >> tools and jewelry.
4:38 am
>> and buying toys and jewelry, and male and female. so, on jewelry, you can look at things like, retail, $250 for this watch. eastbound, $125. so, you can always buy things that haggle down or buy it on bargains on like eastbound, that kind of thing. my dress, a third of the cost of retail dress. >> really? >> i got this gently used on eastbound. >> clayton: gently used and tools my dad handed down some of his tools to me, great, they last a lifetime. >> tools don't go bad. you keep them in good shape and pick them up at yard sales, craigslist, ebay, great idea. >> exercise gear. i would have thought the sweatier stuff to avoid, but things, go to, like actual weights and-- >> baseballs, and you know, and weights, and even you can even do thread mills and ellipticals, and check them
4:39 am
out and test them out. and weights don't go bad either so people love to get in shape. first of the year. january through, like maybe february, best time to buy. >> clayton: and also, kitchen gear as well. plates, knives and things and paraphernalia and cleaned in the dishwasher. >> nobody thinks of this, do they. people who are getting divorced or moving or getting married and they like to upgrade or give them to you. daughter or son going off to college, great idea to give them to them, for their apartment. >> clayton: and you talked about haggling. and alisyn was interested in learning how to get haggle. don't get emotionally involved is your first tip. >> don't get emotionally involved. air not marrying the deal, you're dating the deal. don't let them see you sweat. >> clayton: don't be shy about asking. >> don't be shy, today, less is more. 30%, everybody is less than 30% or less, so-- >> you're never going to get a discount say are' getting a
4:40 am
yardwork done. i can't do 50. let's do $30. if you don't ask don't receive. and have fun with the the process. >> and statistically speaking, people respond to a positive experience than negative more apt to be successful if you have fun or know what you're doing, you're not to cheat them down, you're trying to get a fair deal. and my photo over here, this is great. and the the at the hotel i'm at the other night i was at. $1616 a-- >> a red dot from the-- >> no, just a little thing, you can't see it. >> and kimberly, a consumer wealth expert. great tips. ali. >> alisyn: i'm going to come over and haggle with kimberly for that sweater. >> dave: clayton, never gift that sweater, that's a sign-- >> good lesson. >> dave: coming up did the
4:41 am
f.a.a. break the law by telling its employees how to vote in the upcoming presidential election? officials accused of a g.o.p. victory would mean for them. >> alisyn: we'll ask congressman john micah about this. and president obama promised to put the electric cars on the rod by 2015. he's short that have goal. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> welcome back. did the f.a.a. break the law by telling its employees how to vote in the upcoming presidential election? fox news obtained an e-mail from an f.a.a. employee describing a meeting that took place, saying, what i took out of it conservative republicans take control of congress and then the f.a.a. could be looking at as much as a 15% cut in budget and we may be looking at furloughs. in short if the republicans went win office our jobs may be and then our jobs may not be if democrats. and we're joined by the house transportation and infrastructure committee republican representative john micah. >> good to be with you and to hear that some of our federal employees may be politically
4:45 am
intimidated. >> dave: congressman what do you make of that? what was the intent of the f.a.a. employee in telling their employ oohs that? >> i don't know all the details. we had a watch dog group, cause for action, uncover some of this. we've set our investigators on it this week and asked the inspector general to look into it. it appears in seattle in late may, there was a mandatory meeting for career employees that some of the supervisory personnel said exactly what was quoted there. again, we don't have all the details, but the last thing you want at any time. whether it's election time, is the intimidation of, you know, these are hard working civil servants and most of them to their job, but they don't-- they don't need to be told by anybody how to vote. >> dave: yeah, it reads to me not only suggest who you vote for, but tell others who to vote for and here is why. here is what the f.a.a. reacted to this story, saying
4:46 am
that f.a.a. takes the violation allegations very seriously and will cooperate fully with any review of the allegations. as to the hatch act, describe exactly what that is and why, if this is true, it would be illegal? >> well, it would set up for what purpose to make certain that federal employees are not victimized. you know, they do have a job in government, but they should be told how to vote or who to support, or how to be politically engaged are not engaged and this may be a clear violation. their personalities, that people can lose their jobs, their salaries and if there is a criminal referral, there can also be some very severe personalities, but the first thing we've got to do is investigate the whole thing. you want the facts, you want the people held accountable. the last thing you want again is whether again, we're in the presidential election sort of funny season here, but regardless, the hatch act was set up to protect people who
4:47 am
are hard workers, who should be insulated from this type of intimidation. >> dave: sl any truth to what the manager may have been saying, that f.a.a. employees will lose their jobs if a vote goes a certain way? >> well, i don't think so. you know? first of all, when the democrats had control, if you want to look at the politics of it, they couldn't pass an f.a.a. reauthorization that assured their jobs here, that we would have the best safety, next generation, air traffic control in place, they couldn't pass a bill, as chairman, i was able to pass a bill and you know, yes, we did cut out some jobs and we cut out some programs, if you're looking for 3,700 airline ticket subsidies in a program that grew from 20 million to a quarter of a billion. we eliminated that in february, but, yeah, a lot of room for improvement and every agency, every office and government today with it, you
4:48 am
know, the situation that we find them, ourselves in nationally, financially, has got to do a better job. if you're sluffing at the job you're not going to be rewarded, but people who do a good job, they should be be rewarded. >> dave: and the supervisor may have only one thing, his job may be on the line because of what those instructions were. congressman john mica, thanks for being with us on a sunday. >> good to be with you. >> dave: some democrats booed god at the platform vote. is that the image they want to portray headed into the november election. how turned off might middle america be by what happened there? and then it's the final resting place for thousands of americans who lost their lives on 9/11, but some critics say tourists are treating the memorial like a playground. up next, we'll talk to one of the first responders fighting to keep it sacred ground. ♪
4:49 am
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>> time for your news by the numbers. first up 3%. that's how much of president obama's plan to get 1 million electric cars on the road by the year 2015 is complete. in fact. experts predict less than 200,000 cars will actually be on america's road by that 2015 deadline. next up 3.8 million words, how long the irs tax code is. and that trickle more than a tech cade ago. to put it into context, four times longer than shakespeare's complete works and the value of one ounce of gold is expected to jump this season, making for a major
4:53 am
rally headed into next year. clayton, get your gold. >> clayton: thank you, ali, i collect silver. convention chaos when the democrats attempt to put god back into the platform. all those say aye. >> aye. >> and the opposed no. in the opinion of-- all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> i -- i guess-- let them do what they are he' going to do. >> i'll do that one more time.
4:54 am
all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> and in the opinion of the chair two-thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> so is that really the image that the democrats want, wayne allyn root joins us from las vegas, he is a-- the former vp nominee for the libertarian party. nice to see you this morning, wayne, welcome to the show. >> hey, clayton that was surely democracy at work now wasn't it. >> clayton: in part. we know that on the teleprompter ahead of time it already said two-thirds votes they were going to do it anyway, but you heard the booing and mitt romney on the campaign trail yesterday saying he's not going to remove from the party platform. does this in the end hurt democrats or a snafu that goes away? >> well, it didn't involve god it would go away, but i
4:55 am
honestly believe this is the democrats michael dukakis moment. in '88. dukakis had a lead over george h.w. bush until he ran in the tank. 5 foot 5 guy in the tank and they ran ads that made him look like a fool. if the republicans and mitt romney have smarts, i believe this moment will be captured in tv ads and run again and again and again, as my commentary said, the democrats are now the party that boos god. that's the image. and you can get away with demonizing business, although that's the reason you have no jobs, that's the reason the economy is in shambles, but you can't get away with demonizing god in the united states of america. >> yeah, you can say, interpret it how you want, with booing him, are they booing god, the booing the jerusalem party platform. >> i was going to say, clayton, i think it's clear
4:56 am
that there's a couple of problems the democratic party. they seem to despise business, they seem to not love god and they don't seem to like israel too much either. and i think all three are going to be big problems for barack obama november 6th. >> clayton: before i let you go. you're defecting the libertarian party you were in some think that the libertarian votes could take away from mitt romney and push and propel president president obama in the white house. why are you defecting from the libertarian party. >> i don't think that defecting is the right word. i don't think it has to do with the libertarian party. i'll always love the libertarian party and be a libertarian republican and in the end it's between mitt romney and barack obama, and all of my future are in the hands of mitt romney being elected president of the united states. i realized for the good of the country, i have no choice, i've got to come back to the
4:57 am
republican party and endorse mitt romney. he's got to beat obama or we're not going to have an economy after november 6th. >> wouldn't gary be that choice? >> no, this is-- it's not whether you're libertarian enough or not. not libertarian against non-libertarian, it's more and more clear as the days went on, this is about capitalism versus socialism and mitt romney a capitalist and a turn around specialist and a businessman extraordinare and turned around the olympics ands' just what we need to save my business and capitalism if this country from 60,000 rules and regular laces and the intimidation of the irs and massive taxation and mitt romney is the way to go and i was willing to do it for the good of my kids. >> and wayne allyn root. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ]
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ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> good morning everyone, sunday, september 9th and here is what's happening at this hour. we quinn with an extreme weather alert for you. because violent storms have pummelled parts of the country, including a tornado and a funnel cloud that tore through new york city. we will have the very latest on the damage. >> and growing outrage over the 9/11 national memorial. why some say the site is treated like a playground or is disney attraction, instead of sacred ground. plus the commander-in-chief turns come median in chief.
5:01 am
>> you were born in hawaii? do you have a birth certificate? this is the obama's hammered mitt romney for cracking a similar joke. is it off limits or because you're making fun of yourself? we'll debate. "fox & friends" continues right now. ♪ >> good sunday morning, everybody, did you know that the minor league baseball team in brooklyn is called the brooklyn cyclones. it took on a different meaning. >> and alisyn yesterday was at met life stadium during the syracuse, usc game. it's rare for a football game to be postponed.d. it was completely stopped and evacuated and the stands were evacuated. i was inside the fancy sky box eating nachos and literally looked out 45 minutes later and said they have a long half time show, what's happening? >>.
5:02 am
>> dave: she knew who was playing. >> alisyn: that's progress. and so he we start this hour with the the extreme weather that zipped through the northeast and the mid atlantic. looking at this funnel cloud that touched down in breezy point, new york. and many people catching the wild storm weather on home video and another tornado also hit brooklyn. the storm system causing serious damage to a number of other areas, with trees falling down on homes and cars in washington d.c., and virginia area. and as you can see, luckily, so far, there are no reports of any serious injuries. >> yeah, let's get over to rick who has much more on this wild weather. is it out yet, rick? out to sea or still-- >> it is, it's gone. unfortunately yesterday wasn't as bad as the day before when we saw the fatalities and the storm system off to the west. the line of storms are firing across the big cities in the northeast and it's gone at this point and we are going to be watching a very nice day, clearing conditions and temps for almost everybody in the country coming down, which if
5:03 am
you're down across parts of the south, parts of arkansas and louisiana, that's great news because it was brutally hot and humid week. the humidity is gone with this and temps come down and for a lot of people feels like fall. across texas and louisiana and deep south. and here is what we have a little bit the front moving int towards parts of central florida, a few storms, nothing real severe or problematic across florida, but a few thunderstorms at times today. and out across the west this afternoon, we'll see more activity across parts of arizona, in fact, the next number of days looks like we'll see a couple of inches of rain across parts of arizona and notice in the pacific northwest, it's been dry, and no measurable rain in seattle for 49 days, that will likely change. and the green and yellow, very nice dry air. fall-like temperatures across the northeast and no real prescription for anybody
5:04 am
across the country today. that's good news. >> dave: good news for a guy who's got to fly to denver, go broncos. >> clayton: that's the only reason we're concerned. >> alisyn: and the rest of your headlines. breaking news, an iranian pastor sentence today death for refusing to renounce his christianity has been released from jail. this is 32-year-old youssef, finally reunited with his family and according to a watch dog group, his charges were evangelizing to muslims and sentence is three years ands' released for time served. and included the u.s. house of representatives passing a resolution earlier this year calling for his release. a man is arrested in l.a. trying to break into miley cyr cyrus' home, went to the house claiming to be one of her friends and he went on to say she was his wife. refused to leave and jumped over a security wall. when police caught up with him
5:05 am
found scissors in his pocket and luckily, cyrus was not home at the time. this is not the first time. and they were called in after someone made a crank phone call. and on the occasion. jumped over that wall. well, big brother is watching and now he could recognize you. the fbi had started rolling out the facial recognition project and gather an archive afrgs about each and every american. the program works through a nationwide network of cameras and matches them with mug shots and photo data bases. >> on the right. and hey, wow. until now, the fbi had relied on fingerprint records, the cost of this state of the art program, 1 billion dollars. >> they're watching you. >> it's big brother, man. and the future is now. >> all right, i tell you what, today as i mentioned, the first real day of the nfl season. i know you're excited. and many people here in new york wondering if tim tebow is the guy that comes in in the fourth quarter and wins it for the jets. kind of like the obama campaign appears to be done with bill clinton, bringing
5:06 am
clinton in in the fourth quarter to hopefully win the game for him. clinton seems to be the reason the obama campaign got a boost in the polls after the convention, at least m >> and that's because bill clinton can do something that president obama, most analysts say, cannot. and that's just connect with people. he can boil down a complicated subjects, and make it understandable to americans. did he that in his speech. and that's something that even president obama admitted back in july, he's not so good at. let's listen to him. >> the mistake of my first term -- couple of years, was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right and that's important, but you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a
5:07 am
story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> clayton: so, during the convention when bill clinton would do the thing where he was speaking to folks and he was mention a fact or a statistic, would normally put people to sleep, he manages to say, now, listen to this he, this is really important ab i'm going to talk and everybody in the crowd was leaning in. you're going to tell me numbers and facts? usually i'd be asleep. so president obama received a tweet from someone saying, you know what, he should hire bill clinton for a specific cabinet spot and create a new cabinet position and here is the name of it, take a listen. >> you've got president clinton who made the case as only he can. (cheer (cheers). and after he spoke, somebody sent out a tweet. they said, you should appoint
5:08 am
him secretary of explaining stuff. i like that. secretary of explaining stuff. although i have to admit, it didn't really say stuff, i -- i cleaned that up a little bit. >> dave: not just explaining stuff, looking at what the policies have done. we had 370,000 people leave the work force and we only created 96,000 jobs, so, even bill clinton can't put much of a great spin on that. maybe he'll try to in florida campaigning for obama tuesday in miami, wednesday in portland. orlando, stay tuned. >> alisyn: so president obama was in florida yesterday and something else incredible happened on the campaign trail. president obama was at a sports bar and it was pointed out to him there was a little kid at the sports bar, seven years old who was from hawaii. so, president obama went up to the kid's table and he, president obama, made a birther joke. let's listen. >> how are you.
5:09 am
>> and does he get away with that joke because it's about himself or the same thing that the obama campaign immediately tried to do fund raising for and slammed mitt romney for making sort of a similar joke in michigan just a few weeks ago. remember this one that mitt romney made? listen. >> now, i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised where both of us were born. ann was born at henry ford hospital. i was born no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the place that we were born and raised. >> dave: not only did they try to fund raise off that joke, they say that alliance mitt romney with the extreme right
5:10 am
of his party, alliance him with the birthers, even though mitt romney has time and time again dismissed any notion that that birth certificate is not real and says he was indeed born in hawaii. i appreciata guy making one fun of himself, but if you want that off subject, you can't make the joke either. you want no one to talk about it this. >> clayton: do not go on the attack mitt romney for it. it was water under the bridge. a lot of things said on the campaign trail and don't try to raise money. >> alisyn: a lot of people can make fun of our background and ethnicity and-- >> we don't make your jersey italian jokes. >> clayton: i make italian jokes about you all the time off camera. >> alisyn: and i do think you're funny. i'm not that sensitive about those. but, yes, you know everybody makes the jokes. >> dave: but if you want the conversation off limits. and if you want it buried you don't make the jokes, you
5:11 am
fully embrace the stereotypes and those of us often do. >> clayton: you're smart about it. when i i make the italian jokes, you troo to raise money off of it. >> alisyn: and that's what snooki and i do. meanwhile, coming up, more sky high fees. could you soon be shelling out more money next time you fly? wait until you hear about the new fees that airlines are coming up with now. >> dave: goody, i can't wait. and president obama telling americans to just hang on, that the economy is turning around and the jobs are on the way. the latest unemployment numbers show many are not hanging on, in fact, already giving unwork to stop looking. what impact will this have on the presidential election? let's ask. chris wallace the anchor of fox news sunday next. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion.
5:12 am
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5:13 am
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5:14 am
>> welcome back. the president says that hang to, the economy is in the the process of turning around and the august jobs report shows that more than 300,000 americans have already given up. plus, take a look at these troublesome statistic. >> just 96,000 jobs added. unemployment still hovering above 8%. >> clayton: what impact will it have in november. and joining us is host of fox
5:15 am
news sunday. chris wallace. >> hi, guys. >> clayton: it seems like president obama going out on the campaign trail doing the same thingses the past few months not really talking about the jobs report and poll numbers seems to be holding steady. will that work for him or will this report be the straw that breaks the camel's back. >> there are more statistics, 358,000 who left the work force, the percentage of adults people over 16 years old is lowest since 1981. # 31 years. if you had the same participation as when obama started as president, 67%, the unemployment rate would be over 11%. so that gives you an indication not only how many people are out of work, but so discourage $they stopped looking for work. you'd think that would be a
5:16 am
killer for the president, but one is be, and you heard this at the democratic convention and bill clinton said even more, no president could have gotten us out of the mess we were in, the financial collapse in question for years, and not even him, bill clinton, and secondly, you see obama shifting the subject, talking about the fact that romney wants to change medicare, and he says, it will end up costing seniors in ten years, more money, that he wants to cut taxes for the wealthy, that that will mean a $2,000 a family increase in taxes for them. now, a lot of those facts or assertions are disputed, but the fact is to a certain degree, trying to change the subject in addition to asking for patience. >> but, chris, it's interesting, no matter what the jobs numbers have shown we haven't seen much rise and fall in the polls. they've been pretty static, both campaigns wondering the game changer late in the game. and historically, this late in the game. 58 days out. what can move the needle much
5:17 am
this late in the game? >> caucus in a tank? >> i say a couple of things, one is, there are going to be campaigning every day and people will be watching it and people make gaffes or people do something very effective and the other big game changer, potentially, is the debates. and that traditionally, most political scientists would say debates won't swing it, they confirm what you already think, but i can think of at least two cases, kennedy in 1960, reagan in 1980, and in both cases, challengers going up against incouple bent in kennedy's case going up against the vice-president, not the president, but that was a game changer and perhaps that will do it, but the point you're making is an important point. we see these travel numbers, traditionally would have been a killer for an incumbent president and haven't been for president obama and some people are now beginning to think, perhaps people are just kind of numb, and have just factored in the fact that it's a slow recovery, and maybe seeing these bad numbers as we
5:18 am
saw on friday, don't make all of that much of a difference j frightening. >> alisyn: yeah, one of the things that has come back to bite the president is what his economic team touted in 2009, that if the stimulus were passed the unemployment rate wouldn't go over 8%, that's quoted all the time. n i know that on your show you have a former member and a current member of the economic team. i met they wished they never mentioned those statistics then, that's always-- >> and as you see, glenn hubbard who worked in the bush white house, now a top economic advisor to romney. austan goolsbee, the chairman of the president's economic advisor, for obama. and we're going to hear a debate. we heard a the lot of things out of charlotte and tampa, who has a better economic plan. getting back to your point on the 8th%, you're right. they said you passed the stimulus over 800 billion dollars we'll never get over
5:19 am
8%, we have 43 months where we haven't gotten below 8% and that's a weapon that romney has used against obama. >> dave: it should be a great show and excite today hear mia love who made a great speech at the republican national convention, she's running for congress in utah. a real rising star in the party, should be a great show looking forward to it, chris. >> i'm looking forward to it. i've never met mia love and get to meet over the beauty and magic of satellite. >> clayton: first big television interview. >> alisyn: it will be a love connection, thanks, chris. >> thank you yes. >> bringing it all around. >> clayton: coming up on the show, the final resting place for thousands of americans who lost their lives on 9/11, you're looking at it there, but some critics are saying some tourists are treating it like a playground. and we're talking to those wanting to keep it sacred ground. >> alisyn: and teachers for the beginning of the school
5:20 am
year, they're prepared to walk off the job tomorrow.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> first anniversary of the 9/11 attack and some of the victim's family members and first responders are speaking out about the national memorial here in new york city and say they're outraged some tourists are treat it go like a playground or a disney attraction. >> our next guest is so upset she wrote a letter to the head of memorial and first responder, during the 9/11 attacks, thanks for being
5:24 am
here, mary anne. we know you lost friends from the tierment. and when you went to visit this memorial. what turned you off? >> well, my first visit there and i was very upset about the decorum of the people, both tourists, both american and foreign, and moms had their babies sitting on the tablets of the names and to me, that was the same as a tombstone and should have been respected. people leaning on them, holding starbucks companies like it was, people laughing and smiling almost like it was a playground and the decorum that was required there as if this was a looming tomb or a grave was not there. >> alisyn: you go on to, well, you got emotional at seeing this. >> yes. >> alisyn: you you wrote a letter as we said to the president of the memorial. what did you say. >> i described to them that i was very upset with the decorum, it should have been a place of respect for us, that we would go there and visit our friends and family that had died.
5:25 am
and i did not feel that the decorum was not there. it was not proper, not respectful and more like a playground and i felt that wasn't appropriate. >> alisyn: so in explaining who is at fault. >> dave: whether the people visiting the memorial or-- and you've been to pearl harbor u.s.s. arizona, how is it different there than at 9/11. >> it's run by national park, and after the media attention around this and issues raised in the last 24 hours, might be what's necessary. national parks run the memorials very properly, i mean, it's polite, it's professional, the decorum, it's sol luemnsolemn. air reminded of that before you walk in and that was lacking here and that was in my letter to mr. daniels and there is no education and sadly, once this construction site is ended all the walls come down and then it's going to be an open park. there's nothing on that plaza
5:26 am
that will reflect 9/11. there's the pools, the tablets, but there's no theater, there's no tomb to-- of the unknown, remains of unidentified. and that, i think, is going to be a problem. and it looks like a park and there will be no security, there will be no lines, and if there's not going to be any one to enforce that once the construction site is no longer a construction site. >> alisyn: we got a hold of the actual rules for the 9/11 memorial. they try to address some of the things. 9/11 memorial is a place of solemn reflection dedicate today honoring the tragic events and loss of life. proper decor recommend, personal behavior in order to provide all visitors with an opportunity to reflect. i know you think it would be helpful if they had something like a video or a tour guide, standing there to remind people of this. >> when you first walk in there's nothing, go through the snaking line like you're on your way to attraction or amusement park ride and walk in, go through security and
5:27 am
led down the path ways and then you're on the plaza. there's no instruction, no people to remind people on the plaza what actually happened and went through. and what arise from the ashes is quite beautiful, but it doesn't reflect or advise anyone in any way what really happened there. what we went through and the toll that was taken. and i think there need to be the education before you step foot. there must be a video or parks or memorial to say, listen, before you step foot in here, remind you exactly what new york city went through and this wasn't just an attack on our city, it was an attack on our country and decorum must be in place before you step through. >> dave: and the problem seems pretty simple. mary anne thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: more sky high feats flying your way. why you could be shelling out more money when you get on board the plane. wait until you hear the outrageous fees they have up
5:28 am
their sleeves. >> dave: when she is he' not putting out fires, she's firing up her pizza oven and taking it on the road. find out how to make a pizza breakfast your kids will love. >> alisyn: your co-host will love it, also. ♪ questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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♪ >> you know what today is right? it's another full day of the nfl season, it's christmas. >> i know that. >> for you, it's just any other sunday, right? what can fans look forward to
5:32 am
it on this first sunday of the nfl season? >> here to break it down is the president of coastal advisors insurance consultants, rich, big daddy dell gad doe. >> we're looking at the season shaping up. who do you think is going to go to the super bowl? break it down, big daddy. >> one second no, i wouldn't take the broncos, i would take the patriots against packers if i were doing it today. i haven't thought about that before you just said it. who do you like? >> that's a tough question. let me ask you this. packers start the season with 49ers and arguably the two best teams, apology to the giants. why is the game pivotal? >> i think i like the 49ers, they've got a defense and get people and green bay, gra great offense, i don't know,
5:33 am
offensively. and alex smith is a great foreclosure and has now exceptional talent out on the-- >> and why so low on offense, a stellar defense and interesting to see if the 49ers can do something on-- >> they've got randy moss. >> and davis everywhere. >> speaking of that defense, the 49 defense was carved up by peyton manning, granted in the pre-season. one quarter against san francisco, 10 of 12, 122 yards, he sliced them up. is he ready to go? is he back to the old peyton manning and how important is the broncos opener against the pittsburgh steelers, tonight? i'll be there. >> i think that peyton will have his handsful. because pittsburgh, pre-season is different than the regular season, and interesting to see what's that about tonight. >> who do you like in that game? >> oh, i've got to go with pittsburgh, how is that? >> okay. so get a little-- >> and whose uniforms do you
5:34 am
like the best. >> whose uniforms? >> denver is debuting the new orange. >> the relation jerseys. >> andy reid has a little going on. >> clayton: you look at the division, philadelphia eagles, tell me what you think about the eagles and andy reid going through heart break, losing higgs s his son and coming back to the team and the team is in a little disarray, but what do you think. >> andy is such a positive guy and some people take death differently than others, and the way he did it, it happened and not to make it sound in a mean or a bad way, he moved on and the team supported him and a great core of players so i think he's going to be okay. as long as michael vick stays upright. >> clayton: how do you feel about the worst record in all of the nfl right now, new york giants? >> they are the only team-- >> i knew that was going to
5:35 am
come up. >> dave: yeah, the super bowl champs didn't look great. they have tear backs to the wall, and coach on the line to play football, that's who they are. in their dna. >> they bounced back and a lot of great leadership still there. i 'm not worried about them. >> alisyn: big daddy always great to see you. >> we've got to get to a game, man, you and i. >> listen on tv right now. is he going to show up for a game. >> dave: anytime i'm there. >> and i've got a suite for you. >> alisyn: and there goes-- >> ali about be there. thanks, ali. >> appreciate it. >> and i can understand news, if you're just breaking up, headlines, new video to the news room, a bombing in northern iraq. (siren sounding) >> welcome back, the wave of bombings across the country killed dozens of people and one with crews as they awaited
5:36 am
jobs. and a military base near baghdad killed at least ten iraqi soldiers. so far no one claimed responsibility for this. >> the chicago school district has only a few hours to reach a deal. if not, they go on strike tomorrow. some 29,000 teachers and staff threatened to walk off the job. at issue here are raises and teacher evaluations and if the teachers strike, it will be the biggest u.s. labor strike in more than a year. different kinds of airline fees could be coming your way. airline companies are thinking of introducing upgrades like better meals or seating in child-free area. and they want to try and generate more money to offset rising costs, without just tacking on service fees, they say. >> and what a way to say thank you. michigan car dealer, howard guper was retiring after 47 years, before he left he gave all 89 employees, $1,000 for each year with the dealership. some employees got checks for more than $20,000.
5:37 am
83-year-old cooper says he just wanted to thank his employees and make a difference in their lives. what a great story! those are your headlines. let's find out about your weather around the country and go outside to rick. >> rick: it's spectacular outside. much of the eastern sea boards and great lakes, northern plains, even down to texas, have been getting tweets saying how nice it is and take a look at this picture. out of ledville, colorado get ready for this because the leaves are changing already. hit that button once in there, somebody. there you go, leadville, colorado between leadville and copper mountain and those are the aspen trees. dave briggs, take a look at the picture. aspen trees changing in color. >>. >> dave: beautiful. >> rick: 37 degrees in leadville. and send them in, and twitter, fall pictures are coming in like crazy. all right, take a look at your forecast across the northeast for the day today. talking about a very nice day and put the maps up there one
5:38 am
more time for me if you can quickly. temps into the 70's, lots of sunshine behind the storm system and dry conditions down to the southeast and the only rain we're going to have is across parts of florida and receive maybe a thunderstorm or two and that will be passing as that front continues to pull to the south. you're still warm in miami, 94. anywhere to the north. 82 from new orleans, not even humid. atlanta not humid and 80, it's a spectacular day and in the northern plains, also very nice and in fact, feeling like fall. only 65 in marquette and 74 in fargo and across the west, starting to cool down across some of the areas as well. still a few showers in across parts of arizona. dave. >> know where there's food there's reichmuth. >> take it away. >> when she's not hustling to put out fires as a volunteer firefighter. our next guest is making unique pizzas and breakfast
5:39 am
pizzas, how to make pete is a for your kids, even for breakfast and i've eaten it for breakfast. >> no more cold pizza. take blueberries, like a blueberry pancake breakfast, and throw it in there and i've got maple syrup there. >> you call this a blueberry sunrise, ricotta cheese and how are you getting the blueberries crushed like that. i refused them and in a pan put some maple syrup in there. >> and my son wakes up, says can i i have pizza. >> now you can absolutely say that. >> and all right, so we're going to do a demonstration how to-- and what pizza are we making? >> well, you've got to love cheese. i've got cheese, pruscuitto and my friend joanna says it's the best and throw on a little color here, if you guys want to go ahead and-- >> and use a little more help in the kitchen. >> and do you want to put some
5:40 am
of this cheese first, it's creamier and spread it around like these guys. >> this is a four cheese pizza. >> and i question your ability that i just boasted about? see, there you go, there you go. >> i've got a gentle touch when it comes to-- . you can't judge him if you're not healthy. that's not fair. >> and now, he's ready, and go for it. >> and what's next? >> go crazy, a couple of different kinds of cheese. >> i like bleu. >> and same some for me, be gentle. >> he's being creative. a fresh-- >> and we've got bold cheese, oh, boy, let me help you here, i think i better assist you here. can i just spread your cheese out there? all right. >> who moved my cheese. >> now the pruscuitto, the best, got to be twisted so it's crispy and crunchy, i want the viewers not to be
5:41 am
afraid at home. it doesn't have to be so fancy pizza, go crazy or you can go into your refrigerator and find your leftovers and kind of create everything you want. >> and especially with the kids. and the definition of a pizza and more experience on brick oven and you'll be in terrytown, new york in october. >> i've never seen affordable brick oven before. >> well, this is my baby. if i could put this oven and put wings on it, i would take it around the world, making them smile. >> two minutes 850 degrees in there. so, it cooks quick. >> all right. >> this is one thing that alisyn requested this morning, which is getting, making sure that we-- >> and why you cook that for hours and we'll get back to her. cooking with fire, jennifer, the oven experience. ali we will bray you your pizza. >> alisyn: please do. remember when president obama
5:42 am
promised transparency. >> i'll make our government open and transparent, that anyone can ensure that our business is the people's business. >> alisyn: well, it turns out the president's jobs council has been meeting behind closed doors. the daily's carl tucker weighs in and what they're doing there and keith ellison is calling the g.o.p. a party of hate, keeping sharia law out of its platform or for ruling against it, did he go too far? you decide this morning. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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5:45 am
>> all those-- say aye, all those opposed say no. >> no. >> dave: after that scene there, removing and reinserting god and jerusalem in the platform. the democratic lawmaker is attacking the g.o.p. for sharia law from theirs. why do they want to become the party of hate. they're demonstrating hatred towards muslim they're the party who is the bigoted party. and let's ask the author, they must be stopped, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> dave: first tell us why de
5:46 am
keith ellison is making those allegations. >> they are afraid, they do not like the republican party inserting that in the platform. we want to protect women and children in the united states and want to make sure at that women and children are protected. so for like like keith ellison who call themselves americans, i find it surprising that someone like him come out against protecting women and children dealt the lower hand under sharia law. he's either a male chauvinist who wants to owe press women or has an agenda. >> dave: here is what angered him n the republican platform subjecting americans to foreign laws, there must be no use of foreign laws in interpreting our constitution and laws. what the platform is saying, it's banning sharia law from being implemented in the united states courts. now, here is keith ellison's point. he says there's never been any
5:47 am
legislation offered to establish sharia law. not at the federal level, not at the state level. there's not been a municipal ordinance opposing this, there's not been anything so why would the republican party take that move to put in the platform if there's never been an attempt. >> i don't know which lands he's been living in, but we've documented 51 cases of sharia law used in the united states. and in different states, the one i can share with you, in is the case in new jersey last year, a muslim woman went to the judge asking for a protective order her husband was raping her repeatedly and beating her up to four times a day the judge says because her husband was muslim to his belief he did not think he was commit ago crime. to think this happened in the united states last year, is unthinkable. no woman in measured america should be having that.
5:48 am
and there is evidence. 51 cases have been documented. that's too many. we do not want sharia law in the united states. >> dave: right, we've heard all about honor killings around the country as well. so it's not just those examples, you say it's widespread not just isolated incidents. they had no choice, you feel, the republican party? >> and they have a choice and they chose to protect women and children in the united states, whether they are muslim or any other religion. what they are doing is making sure that the constitution is the supreme law of the land. that there will be no other law recognized if it contradicts the constitution. sharia law does contradict the constitution and should not be applied in america, if london or europe is any indication, dave. as i'm speaking to you, there are 85 sharia airports operating in britain alone and when women went to ask for beating and abuse, the
5:49 am
authority had to refer them to sharia and we don't want that in america. and the republican party is standing up to women's rights, muslim women's right and protecting them from male chauvinism. >> dave: perhaps about reaffirming our constitution and our laws rather than punishing others. >> absolutely. >> dave: and the founder, gabrielle, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> dave: the family of a slain border agent, brian terry. and next we'll talk about the latest in this case. are we becoming a nation a side of unemployment that people are not talking about, the underworked coming up. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, llest things became difficult. but when joint pain and stiffness i finally understood what serious joint pain is like.
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>> welcome back everyone, no secret the u.s. job market is in bad shape. friday's jobs report confirms that americans are still struggling to get full-time jobs. >> clayton: peter doocy live in washington d.c. with more on this story, good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, clayton. i checked the transcripts from two of the president's rallies a day after the unemployment rate ticked down from 8.3% to 8.1% and never used the word unemployment. earlier in the day, someone from the obama campaign explained she knows most people are not clicking on refresh on the bureau of statistics websites. and she know knows that they're more concerned how it impacts them. >> we'll create more jobs,
5:54 am
create more energy, and hire more people and send more to college. bring home more troops, we'll take care of more veterans, we will open the doors of opportunity to everybody who's willing to work hard and walk through it. when you break down friday's august jobs report see that the unemployment rate only decreased because almost 400,000 people just stopped looking for jobs and this morning's new york post points out that more than 8 million people in this country are stuck with part-time jobs because they can't find full-time work. and the republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, says all of that reflects very poorly on president obama. >> now with the unemployment level having stuck above 8% for 43 straight months, we remember that the president promised that if we let him borrow almost a trillion dollars he'd never-- it's above 8% since. this president has not
5:55 am
fulfilled his promises. >> reporter: mitt romney is going to be up in massachusetts today and don't expect to hear from him, but president will stay out on the campaign trail in florida, melbourne and west palm beach before heading back to the white house. >> alisyn: peter doocy. thank you. the family of slain border agent brian terry one step closer to justice now one that one of the suspects in his murder is behind bars and we'll talk to his cousin at the top of the hour. >> clayton: and democrats attack mitt romney and paul ryan's plans for health care. which should taxpayers fear more, that and obamacare? we'll discuss.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
>> alisyn: good morning, it is sun, september 9th, we start with an extreme weather alert, double trouble, heavy rains and a tornado in new york city, what can we expect next. >> dave: be careful what you wish for, joe biden daring people to fact check his convention speech. >> what they are explosioproposs is a fact, the press, fact check me. >> dave: take him up on the offer. >> clayton: and paying a moving tributes to those who lost their lives in the september 11th attacks, we'll hear from him, straight ahead. "fox & friends," hour four, "fox & friends," hour four, starts, right now.
5:59 am
captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> dave: fourth quarter. >> clayton: fourth quarter? >> dave: fourth quarter. day one of the nfl season, we're in the fourth quarter. >> clayton: i love it. this is my favorite time of the year. >> alisyn: how soon until you are lying on your sofa with a cold one! >> clayton: like al bundy and dave will be heading out to the peyton manning bowl... >> dave: and the storms ripping through the northeast and the mid-atlantic. check out the tornado. touching down in breezy point, new york, many people catching the wild storm, on home video and another tornado system hit brooklyn and the system also causing serious damage to a number of areas, trees falling down on homes and cars in d.c. and virginia. luckily, so far, no reports of any serious injuries.
6:00 am
>> alisyn: as a matter of fact we have had move more on this w weather. tell us, rick. >> rick: behind us is punk kin spice lattes, is that what you prefer, clayton. >> alisyn: so manly! >> rick: and, it will feel like fall for a lot of people, before people complained about how hot and humid it was, and, a price to pay, with the storms that moved through and, the entire system is now gone, and, it may be a little bit of rain this morning, still across parts of maine and behind it, plenty of sunshine and drier conditions, does not feel sticky at all, your temps, 60s, down to san antonio, 64 and not humid, why it feels completely comfortable out there and you can see, on the radar picture, everything dry here, across almost the entire country, the very deep cold front, cutting across parts of florida and we'll see showers, maybe a thunderstorm or two, cutting across parts of
6:01 am
florida, right now, but, that is not going to be a big problem for the dayed today and, across the west, you will see showers across parts of arizona and rain in seattle, they've gone 49 days without any measurable rainfall in seattle and that likely changing tonight, or into the day tomorrow. >> dave: quickly talk about the tropics. >> rick: tropical storm leslie, hanging out over the same area and pulled up colder water from the depths of the ocean and made it weaken, away from bermuda and though, maybe 30, 40 mile-an-hour winds and a few shores and will pull towards the north and we expect to see a land you fall, maybe a category one hurricane and newfoundland, maybe by tuesday afternoon. that's it. >> dave: 49 days without rain in seattle. >> rick: in seattle, 61 is the all time record. they will not get it. >> clayton: newfoundland. >> alisyn: thanks, rick, your headlines, what else is helping, because there is more violence and political chaos in iraq.
6:02 am
an iraqi court found the country's sunni vice president guilty of mass murder. against security forces and shiite muslims and has been in exile and the announcement came at the same time, the last u.s. troops were leaving, iraq. and, added to the chaos, a wave of attacks overnight, these dozens of people dead, the bombing in northern iraq killed 7 police recruits as they waited in line to apply for a job and another attack on a military base near baghdad kills at least ten iraqi soldiers and so far, no one claimed responsibility. for the violence. >> dave: what a disturbing scene in tulsa, oklahoma on saturdays, doctors performing an emergency tracheotomy, to revive an injured player, tulane university safety devon walker suffered a fractured spine, broken neck and collapsed lung on this play and collided
6:03 am
head-to-head with his teammate, trying to tackle a sul va player and he was immediately attended to before being taken to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition and will have surgery the next day or so. we are all praying for him. >> alisyn: and, an arizona man honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks with a moving tribute, chris francis decorated his pickup truck with pictures of the victims, and a simple message, fallen, but not forgotten. a fireman himself says it is a year around reminder of the sacrifices the fallen heros made to save others. >> the fire service is like a brotherhood and when anybody dies, it rings home kind of the risk or the potential that that very act could happen to you as well. >> alisyn: he plans to bring the truck to several 9/11 commemorations in the western u.s. and those are your headlines. >> clayton: thanks, one of the five suspects wanted in the death of u.s. border agent brian terry is now in custody.
6:04 am
jesus lionel sanchez is believed to be one of the men who used the guns in the border shootout. how much closer is agent terry's family from seeing justice? >> dave: joining us is the cousin of slain border patrol agent and chairman of the new brian terry foundation. >> good morning, everyone. >> dave: what does the arrest mean to you and your family? >> this is good news. we now have two of the five individuals that we believed were involved in brian's murder, in custody, and, one in mexico and it will be a while before we are successful in extraditing him to the united states and we have three others we believe in mexico, and we are grateful to the mexican authorities for their pursuit. we hope that that cooperation will continue, and, the other three will be taken into custody, as quickly as possible. >> clayton: and you mentioned
6:05 am
the extradition, and it is believed mesa will be extradited to the united states, any word on a tribal table for that and are mexican authorities being more forthcoming and perhaps more transparent than the u.s. has been in the whole fast and furious scandal? >> there has been a lot of frustration there. you know that. most americans share the family's frustration weather a lack of accountability and the veil of secrecy put over the aftermath of fast and furious, we have been calling for truth and justice and we want answers and, you know, this is a good step in the right direction, but, there is a lot more to be done. >> alisyn: this summer you established the brian terry foundation. you are having your first benefit dinner, this monday night. what is the purpose of that? >> well, the brian terry foundation, as you guys know, is to honor the memory of brian, and, to create a living legacy by doing good deeds in his memory. we are developing educational
6:06 am
scholarships, we are going to support the families of slain border patrol agents and continue to educate the american public on border related issues. such as those that affect border patrol agents and their safety, like operation fast and furious did. >> dave: certainly it has to deal with what is happening at the border, the arrest on the other side of the border and right here, how do you feel about the progress or some would have, lack thereof of the investigation into the fast and furious process and the accountability of eric holder and others? >> we are incredulous and don't understand it. you know, everything that we are led to believe, about our government and about the administration, is they want to establish transparency. they want to be able to be accountable. so far, we haven't seen that. now, we are looking forward to the attorney general's investigation, that he initiated with the inspector general. and that could be out as army as
6:07 am
this next week. we look forward to that report and we hope that that is going to provide answers and establish some accountability for the decisionmakers that allowed so many weapons to flow to the most criminal, dangerous criminals in north america. >> clayton: we'll leave it with the good news that you pointed out at the top with this arrest and finding this guy and, of course the benefits that you are having very soon, thanks for joining us and shedding some light on it and bringing some good in this whole thing to us. >> alisyn: thanks, robert. >> thanks, guys. >> alisyn: he faced execution for refusing to give up his christian faith and iran suddenly having a change of heart and freeing the pastor. we have the developing story and we'll take a closer look, coming up. >> dave: and during his dnc speech, bill clinton blamed republicans for our country's economic problems and our next guest says it was clinton's reckless housing policies that hurt the economy. former senator george lemieux
6:08 am
here to explain. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] r ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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6:11 am
>> dave: there it is, the obama campaign, dispatching bill clinton, in florida to try and help give the president a boost. for re-election. this on the heels of the former president's big dnc speech where he blames republicans for our country's economic problems. >> we don't want to go back to the failed policies that got us in trouble in if he first place, and, want to get rid of those pesky financial regulations, designed to prevent another crash, and, prohibit future bailouts. >> dave: but our next guest says it was bill clinton's reckless housing policies that actually set the housing collapse into motion. in the first place. how will that impact florida voters, who have been hit especially hard, in the housing crisis.
6:12 am
joining us now, is former u.s. senator, george lemieux. good to see you, senator. >> nice to be with you, dave. >> dave: indeed, bill clinton had a hand in the housing bubble. that certainly crashed. but the florida voters see it that way? >> well, i think they'll remember that if barack obama is going to try to have bill clinton do his bidding here in the sunshine state. we have to remember that bill clinton was the architect of all of the policies in the 1990s that led to the bad loans and the bad mortgages that led to the financial disaster. he took more than 100 actions as president of the united states, to force banks to take loans that they didn't want and took more than -- a lot of action to take the bad mortgages in and that led to the spiral and the feeding frenzy for subprime mortgages that led to the disaster in 2008. so, i think floridians remember that, the foreclosure crisis here in florida, is very tough, at one time, one in four homes in foreclosure in america were in florida, and, still, lots of
6:13 am
foreclosure filings, one in 352 homes in florida, this year, getting a foreclosure filing. one in 125 in the i-4 corridor, that all-important corridor between tampa bay and daytona where 50% of the voters are. so that is a big problem here in florida. >> dave: no question and i have been surprised for months, that no one talked about the housing crisis, arguably the biggest problem facing and underlying this economy. why aren't the republicans talking about that? is it because, frankly, no one has a solution at this point? >> i don't know why they are not talking about it. they should be talking about it more. we are certainly talking about it here in florida. we have got to get folks back to work. so they can make those payments. it is really a double-whammy here in the sunshine state, because, not only do you have a problem with folks not having enough jobs, there's about a million of people in the state out of work and hundreds of thousands more without enough of a job but if you can't sell your house you can't move to another part of the state where there might be a job and locks people
6:14 am
in areas where there might not be a job for them today. we have to get people back to work. that is why i think mitt romney and paul ryan offer real solutions and the president never created a job in his life and what floridians will look at is a president who wants to talk about hope and change and, all we have is broken promises and he's only talking about more of the same. >> dave: after mitt romney made the selection of ryan as vp, everyone said there goes florida and the idea was seniors would not trust the romney-ryan ticket because of ryan's plan for medicare. how does the romney-ryan tektic go down there and say it will not affect existing beneficiaries, how will it play. >> it surprised me, democratic members of congress and the democratic president pushed obamacare which cuts, as we now know, nearly $700 billion of future funding, from medicare.
6:15 am
i never thought i would see that day. so, you know, it is a typical play book play down here for democrats to try to scare seniors before an election and say republicans will cut their medicare. the truth is, is that what obamacare does, takes future funding away from medicare. and, makes it more vulnerable. right now, if we keep medicare on its current path, as soon as 12 years, we are going to have folks, not being able to get all the benefits they have been promised. so, at least what romney and ryan are doing is putting forward a plan to strengthen medicare. we have to repeal obamacare, that will help. but, we need a plan that will make sure these folks who have been promised medicare and folks who are on it now and will be on it soon will get everything they have been promised. seniors in florida are smart enough to figure out the difference here. >> dave: if you look at the poll, it looks like you are right. rasmussen poll says what scares florida seniors more is the
6:16 am
future of medicare and, 54%, president obama's health care law and 34%, paul ryan's medicare proposal. maybe it got through to them that it will not affect current beneficiaries. and i'm curious on your thoughts of the effectiveness of charlie crist campaigning for obama and he introduced him yesterday and you once worked for him and he got 30% of the vote, albeit losing to marco rubio. how effective will he be for democrats? >> you know, he is until popular to some but i don't think it will make such of a difference and i don't think bill clinton will frankly make much of a difference. endorsements are great when you you don't know the candidate but everybody knows who barack obama is and he's the most overexposed politician probably of all time. so, people are going to vote on the record of obama, and obama's record in florida has been poor. we need a president who is going to find a way to create jobs in this country and i think floridians will choose moitt
6:17 am
romney. >> dave: now the real clear politics average has romney-obama, less than 1%, as the average of all of the polls. there is not a race as tight and as pivotal as this. >> thanks, nice to be with you. >> dave: a shocking moment at the democratic national convention, caroline kennedy defending abortion. >> as a catholic woman i take reproductive health seriously and today it is under attack. this year alone... >> dave: was it an attack on the catholic church? father jonathan morris weighs in next and a bombshell, in the o.j. simpson murder trial. an ex-prosecutor saying the glove did fit. we'll hear from a forensic expert who testified at the trial about these brand new allegations, that evidence may have been tampered with. ale ann] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis,
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♪ >> clayton: welcome back, quick headlines for you, this copy of the bible, sold at a british auction for $94,000. the bible was given to elvis presley for christmas, back in 1957. it even has his annotations in the margins, written by the king of rock & roll. pretty cool, and say hello to nasa's curiosity rover, the mars spacecraft spun around one of the cameras and took its own profile picture on the surface of the red planet like people do with their iphones on facebook. if it ever decides to add something to the social network it has a profile picture. there you go... >> dave: right there. >> alisyn: a lot of people said it was a shocker at the democratic national convention,
6:22 am
caroline kennedy, the daughter of the late president, j.f.k., invoking her faith and then saying this: >> as a catholic woman, i take reproductive health seriously and today it is under attack. this year alone, more than a dozen states have passed more than 40 restrictions on women's access to reproductive health care. that is not the kind of future i want for my daughters, or your daughters. now isn't the time to roll back the rights we were winning when my father was president. now, is the time to move this country forward. >> clayton: fox's own bill o'reilly immediately had this reaction. take a learisten: >> i am stunned, stunned at what she said as a catholic woman, and then she went onto object to 40 states implementing restrictions on abortion, like a 24 hour waiting period. she's evoking her catholic faith
6:23 am
which clearly condemns abortion and using that as some kind of spring board into criticizing the restrictions, on abortion, that many states have passed. and the restrictions aren't you can't have one, it is, wait a couple of days and think it over. so maybe i'm wrong on this, but that made my head snap back. >> dave: joining us to weigh in is fox news religion contributor, father jonathan morris. good to see you. >> thank you. bill is not wrong on that. it is just basic intellectual honesty to say what you believe. and to recognize when that belief is not compatible with another set of beliefs, like the catholic faith and what she should have said, more intellectually honest statement would have been, as a catholic dissident, on this teaching of my church, and instead she said as a catholic woman and them goes on to say, that she supports abortion. >> alisyn: she said reproductive
6:24 am
health. >> how did she explain that, she said these states have put restrictions on abortion. that is exactly what she is talking about. >> alisyn: any other interpretation, because she could have been talking about birth control or the personhood of people changing the definition of things and she didn't say the word abortion but you think she is fudging it. >> she is absolutely clear, she is talking, like bill o'reilly said, is restriction to on demand abortion, making sure there is parental notification an 24 hour waiting periods but the point in time here is, what she should say, is you know, i don't agree with my church, that i love. i don't doubt that she does but she should be honest about that, instead of saying, as a catholic woman... suggesting that her beliefs are compatible with -- >> representing the catholic church. >> no, but she has brought into
6:25 am
creative relativism, and can create her own truth, i believe in abortion and my own catholic faith somehow supports that. >> it is a pick and choose and traditionally catholics have been more in the democratic camp and you saw those numbers in great detail in 2008. how do you get to pick and choose those things and come out and say as a dissident of my faith, this particular issue and then, these other ones, i'm in support of. >> there are fundamental teachings of every religion, right? and there are others that are up to prudential judgment. abortion is not a question of prudential judgment. it's a fundamental teaching of the church and when you you are dealing with different parties, you say, well, is this party going against a fundamental belief? in my faith? i cannot support that evil, i think it is very simple. >> dave: she wasn't the only one to talk about or hint about abortion. were you at all surprised at how many at the democratic national convention were celebrating? >> well it's a recognition that what they want to do in this
6:26 am
case is say, we are the party of... this and this. and it is different than the republicans. so, look at us. with us you will get this, you will get that and are trying to make that clear division, and, make that clear distinction. i think that ms. kennedy is a i think she should be more intellectually honest. >> alisyn: thanks for coming in, good to see you, in caref. >> clayton: joe biden telling the media to -- to fact check his speech. >> fact check me. >> clayton: a number of organizations took him up on that and we'll show you the results. >> alisyn: and secret closed door meetings, where is the transparency the president promised? we'll ask tucker carleton, next. >> dave: get your beer kicks, days after the white house released the personal beer recipe, you, now, have what you
6:27 am
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>> alisyn: welcome back, everyone, many people are cleaning up today after strong
6:31 am
storms ripped through the northeast and the mid-atlantic, a store made and a funnel cloud were confirmed, to have touched down near new york city, one in breezy point and the other in brooklyn. the storm system created serious damage in a number of other areas with trees falling on homes and cars in washington, d.c., and virginia. luckily, so far, there are no reports of any injuries. >> clayton: and rick reichmuth has been tracking the storms and seeing whether or not we'll be affected today at all. where was the latest? >> dave: looks beautiful out there. >> rick: the storm is done. really rough two days for so many people across the central part of the country and towards the east but it is gone and behind left absolutely spectacular days for almost everybody and people without power, it will not be that hot for you which is great news. your temps as you are waking up, 50s and 40s across the northern plains, and, comfortable conditions, probably the more important part is areas of the south, down from places like dallas and memphis, into the low 60s and it's not humid and feels
6:32 am
like fall across those areas for people as you are waking up this morning, look at your forecast for the day, into the northeast, a nice one and residual rain moving around parts of the lakes but nothing that will cause a problem, for the most part a spectacular, fun filled fall kind of day. there will be showers in florida and anywhere north of that, nice, 91 in dallas and, it is not humid in gulfport, will make it feel so good and the northern plains, marquette into the mid 60s, and we'll be warmer, across the high plains. getting into the '90s and across the west, another nice one and a few rain showers, parts of arizona and cooling down, a little bit, towards the pacific northwest and the dry spell we have had, about to come to an end with rain moving in, the pacific northwest tonight. towards tomorrow. all right. guys back to you inside. >> alisyn: thanks, rick, let me
6:33 am
get to the rest of the headlines, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, needs to be more open about the headstart program, it is argued the lack of transparency is feeding doubts about the department's ability to improve the quality of the headstart program and asked for more details about the program for preschoolers, now competing for grant and an iranian pastor sentenced to death for refusing to denounce his christianity is released from jail after three years behind bars, he has finally be released and the charge is lowered to evangelizing to muslims and iran expert and a fox news contributor joined to us explain why he was freed. >> it is another pr move by the islamic republic. on friday, diplomatic ties were cut with the canadians, and the embassies were closed and looking two weeks ahead, we'll
6:34 am
have mahmoud ahmadinejad come to new york city and hanging around midtown manhattan for the u.n. general assembly he comes to every year and again, he will not make problems with the international community at a moment like this. >> alisyn: there was a resolution earlier this year call for his release and now it happened. a mainly bombshell two decades after the o.j. simpson case. christopher darden now claims o.j. simpson's attorney, johnnie cochran tampered with the infamous black glove and he said there were additional tears in the lining so his hand would not fit inside. earlier on "fox & friends" we spoke with a forensic expert. dr. michael bond who testified at the trial and he says there is no way... >> the defense never had the ability to hold on to any of the evidence. and, when o.j. simpson put his hand in, it wasn't that he couldn't get his fingers
6:35 am
through, it was that it didn't fit. it was the fit. so that had nothing to do with the lining. >> alisyn: and, he said the issue was raised about the glove and it may have shrunk in storage before the trial, but no one has ever brought up this before. >> dave: political notes from this morning, mitt romney actually saying that he would replace obamacare, he would replace it with his own plan but admitted this morning, guys, saying he likes part of the existing health care plan and would keep some of those parts and that is a bit of an admission for him, this morning. >> clayton: yes, and... in the the taped interview appearing on "meet the press," he recorded it yesterday, live this morning, interesting things coming out about that and meanwhile, vice president joe biden in zanesville, ohio, talking about the convention speeches. of course much has been made about all of the fact-checking going on, a cottage industry popped up, all different sorts of web sites taking on the fact-checking, trying to keep up with both campaigns and the spin
6:36 am
they put out. >> alisyn: they all look liberties in the convention speeches, all the candidates. but, vice president joe biden went one step further. where he said, to journalists, basically dared them and said, look, fact-check my spieeech. come on, bring it on, listen. >> what they are proposing -- and this is a fact, i say to the press, fact-check me. [applause]. >> by the way... by the way... [applause]. >> it is amazing how they don't like to be fact-checked. we will not be bound by those fact-checkers. >> clayton: all right, the associated press and washington post and others took to some of his sound bites from the dnc, and... he looks really mad there. >> alisyn: he's shocked by what we are saying and the first thing that he said, was the obama administration had created 4.5 million jobs. so, listen to this:
6:37 am
>> america has turned the corner. the worst job loss since the great depression, we have since created 4.5 million private sector jobs, in the past 29 months. >> clayton: the associated press said that is false. because it counts jobs from the recession's lowest point to where employment began to grow again, excluding jobs that were lost earlier in president obama's term, and, like a rolling number. you know? >> dave: next up, the romney tax plan. >> governor romney believes it is okay to raise taxes on middle class, by $2,000. in order to pay for another, literally another trillion dollar tax cut, for the very wealthy. >> dave: that one is tricky, because, some -- the tax policies, actually said romney's plan would raise taxes for the middle class an joe biden said romney believes it is okay to raise taxes on the middle class when he has actually said, i do not plan to raise taxes on the middle class, and, the fact
6:38 am
checking is... >> clayton: that is semantics, really. >> alisyn: and both sides argue about the medicare plans. here's what the vice president says: >> what they didn't tell you is, that the plan they have already put down on paper would immediately cut benefits for more than 30 million seniors already on medicare. what they didn't tell you, what they didn't tell you, is the plan they are proposing would cause medicare to go bankrupt by 2016. >> alisyn: what is the truth, clayton? >> clayton: false! apparently. according to the fact checkers. this is actually false. so... >> dave: the big problem is there, the changes ryan wants to make is for future recipients of medicare. not for existing. 54 and younger. >> alisyn: all right, meanwhile, here's another story we have to tell you about, about transparency, president obama facing criticism for failing to meet with his jobs council for more than six months. so, the panel is taking matters
6:39 am
into its own hands, they say, and are holding closed-door meeting. what about the president's promise for transparency? >> president barack obama: i'll make our government open and transparent. that anyone can ensure that our business is the people's business. and, as lewis brandeis once said, sunlight is the greatest disinfectant and as possible i'll make it impossible for congressmen and lobbyists to slip pork-barrel projects or corporate welfare into laws when no one is looking because, when i'm president, meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public, no more secrecy. that is the commitment i make to you as president. [cheers and applause]. >> dave: more on this is the founder of the daily collar, tuck eer carlson. good morning. >> good morning. >> dave: what about the president's promise of transparency when it comes to the jobs council? >> this is one of those "read my lips" speeches i bet he wishes he never gave. it's an amazing story, it is
6:40 am
reported the jobs council, a group of private sector business leaders who advise the president how to create more jobs hadn't met since january and it became the news story and embarrassing to the administration given the high unemployment rate and they leaked the fact that actually they have been meeting but on the phone. the problem with that is, it is illegal. watergate-era laws require outside groups that advise the president to meet in public, in a transparent way and came back and said, well, yes, they are meeting on the phone but it's not really the council, it is the subcommittee and that turned out not to be true, they are meeting on the phone outside of the view of the public. >> the lawyers went out and bragged about this. the argument from the obama administration, previous to them becoming an administration, was the bush administration was incredibly opaque. they vowed transparency. does this conflict? >> well, i would say that the bush administration was, front point of the view of the press, opaque, that is true.
6:41 am
and, the obama administration has become more opaque and there is one measure and it is the most significant. the number of pages of federal documents declared exempt from foia, disclosure requirements, those we can't see has risen dramatically under the obama administration even as the wars we are fighting wind down and there is no -- >> tucker, they just released the white house beer recipe, freedom of information request. >> alisyn: see, there is information leaking out. >> that is a really good point, maybe put that into an ad and by the way, none of it aroused the ire of the aclu and to the good government groups and they seem to have ignored it. >> alisyn: clayton is full of good points like that. tucker, thank you for bringing this to our attention, actually... >> thanks. >> alisyn: people wouldn't care if it was behind closed doors or wide open if they thought they were making progress. >> dave: or knew there were recommendations, either. >> alisyn: tucker, see you. >> thanks. >> clayton: coming up, during
6:42 am
the dnc speech former president bill clinton said we can't give the reins to someone who will double down on trickle down, ec advisor art laffer weighs in on that. >> dave: and let's get ready to rumble in the parking lot. learning the art of southern tailgating, on the first day of the nfl, mind you. ♪ ♪ you can't hurry love ♪ no, you just have to wait ♪ just trust in the good times ♪ no matter how long it takes...♪ [ female announcer ] you can learn a lot about a minivan from tests like this. ♪ and even more from real families who use them like this. we think there's another test to consider.
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>> alisyn: 45 minutes past the hour, you can brew the presidential beer from the comfort of your own home, days after the house released the recipes the called called northern brewers put out two kits with all of the necessary ingredients to make it yourself. you can also put the world's most realistic formula one sim
6:46 am
simulator in your home for just $90,000 and the game has 3 hd screens, built with data used by actual formula one racing teams, in their simulators. how cool is that. >> clayton: all the benefits of racing without the crashing. >> alisyn: there you go! >> clayton: thanks, the dnc this week, former president bill clinton took a shot over republicans over this trickle-down economy. >> we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government to someone who will double down on trickle-down. [cheers and applause]. >> clayton: there you go, the statistics show president ronald reagan's state of america during the first term looked brighter than president obama's first term, joining us is former reagan economic advisor, art laffer. nice to see you, this morning. >> good to see you, clayton, thank you. >> clayton: you have placed bill clinton a number of times and and you also worked for ronald reagan, and you have a good
6:47 am
perspective, when bill clinton said we cannot double down on trickle-down, perhaps what mitt romney wants to do, what did you think. >> did you notice his nose growing on that? bill clinton was the best trickle-down president of all am cut the capital gains tax an exempted owner-occupied homes from capital gains taxation and cut the tax on 65 to 62-year-old workers and cut government spending as a share of gdp, by more than the next four best presidents combined, all of those were just the an tis this is of president obama and i don't now what makes him do these speeches, he was a great president but not a good advice-giver, i would love to double down on trickle down, if that is the choice. >> clayton: the left argued, the trickle down has not worked, the rich get richer and the money never trickles down to the lower class and president clinton had a higher tax bracket for the
6:48 am
upper income earners and that is what they are argue, in fact we raised taxes on the rich but you argue that it actually did work in some capacity? >> well, bill clinton did a lot of things, rehired reagan's fed chairman twice and dropped the long term bond yield dramatically and signed into law welfare reform and you had to look for a job to get welfare and cut government spending. he was a great president and shouldn't have raised the tax rates on the highest income groups and that was not a smart thing to do and cost him the house and the senate and led to republican takeover of the state legislature but clinton did a good job during his presidency and reagan even a better job and we cut the highest tax rate from 50 to 28% and all the democrats voted with us. all... >> clayton: we are about to have the battle again, those bush tax cuts are clinton tax raises, on the rich. and, so, the left has argued that those tax increases on the rich, that upper tax bracket for
6:49 am
the rich, we had boom times under clinton and when bush cut them we entered into the recession. what do you say to that. >> i say you don't look at only the highest tax rate. that is not the only thing look at. you look at government spending and tax rates across the board and capital gains and all of these others, but let's say under the bush tax cuts, the tax rate reduction, i am no fan of "w", as you know, i don't think he was a very good president at all. but at least the tax rates you saw, revenues from the highest income groups so way up, as a result of the tax rate reduction. the rich, went dramatically up as a share of gdp. >> clayton: art laffer, former reagan economic advisor, always great to have you on the show. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: and great discussion with the trickle down discussion, thank you very much. up next we'll team you how to tailgate, summer style. nfl season kicks off, officially, in a way... come on, it is sunday, it is nfl, football!
6:50 am
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new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> clayton: welcome back. with the nfl in full swing, today there is no better time to plan the ideal tailgating experience. >> alisyn: joining us to share the best tailgating tips is the editor-at-large for southern living, kimberly schleidel, great to have you here. >> thanks. >> alisyn: my kind of football game, you bring the food and the booze and the gear. tell us what we need to do. >> in the south we love to tailgate and make an event out of the tailgating experience. we want to choose a menu that shows support for our team.
6:54 am
so, we are going to make a grilled flank steak sandwich with go big bleu cheese! and anyone in blue, i'm an smu fan! >> dave: what is that... >> ciabata bread, you are ride. and, put bleu cheese on the bottom. >> dave: what made it south... >> and, we'll put the veggies on next. >> alisyn: i'm adding more bleu cheese. >> pile it on, some people like it heavy and we have arugula and grilled peppers and onions to put on. >> alisyn: fantastic. >> alisyn: >> and the flank take. look at you, you are a pro! and give it a taste there and see how we did and put the top on, and it is fun to wrap it in parch meant or do something nice to display it.
6:55 am
and, we'll make a brew-mosa, beer is really a great football drink but, you want to kick it up a notch, you make a brew-mosa, we have a half a quart of orange juice and a tablespoon of orange liqueur and, two dabs of this and, we'll stop up with beer. >> alisyn: do you ever have it explode? >> dave: that smells great. >> you want to taste it? >> dave: smells amazing. >> kick it up, if you need more, right? it is good? >> alisyn: tell us... >> let's talk about game day gear. >> dave: changed ties. i had on a light blue and i went
6:56 am
with the alabama tie. my team stinks so bad, i need a new team. >> i love the game day menu, at southern living we love to personalize anything and everything and this is something you can buy or order in your team's colors or with your family's name on it and put the whole menu out there and there are many cool things you can day and tailgating, you use these to keep your drinks cold and they are magnetic, stick them to your car or anything metal. >> alisyn: stick around, we'll do it in the "after the show" show and we have models... >> dave: game day gear. >> alisyn: outfits. >> clayton: are those college team colors? >> they are! >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two. >> alisyn: two minutes. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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>> alisyn: the september tailgating issue of "southern living" magazine, and, together with this cookbook, where are they available. >> on-line, they are available.

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